The Top4 Reasons Why You Need Digital Marketing For Your Small Business

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Your small business needs digital marketing — you might have heard this a million times by now!

The digital technology has drastically changed the way businesses operate today. Now, ad agencies approach their ad campaigns in a remarkably different way. Big businesses and brands are not only the ones who benefit from online marketing. In fact, small businesses can also benefit immensely from digital marketing. Hence, businesses today are utilizing the digital universe to create brand awareness and impact, which will drive more customers.



What is digital marketing?

Before we proceed, let’s have a detailed understanding of the term ‘Digital Marketing’.

Digital Marketing refers to the marketing activities of a company that are carried through the electronic devices or the internet. The type of marketing uses various digital strategies by businesses to connect with their customers. In simple words, digital marketing is marketing that is done online. There are various methods under the spectrum of digital marketing, which are as follows-

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC)
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Inbound Marketing


What is the impact of digital marketing on our lives?

Digital Marketing has an unbelievable impact on people’s interactions, habits, and lifestyle. Here’s how:

  • With the increasing accessibility of the internet, the number of people going online is ascending every day. As of 2018, approximately 3.03 billion people (which is half of the world population) are on some type of social media.
  • Search Engines drive around 93% of all website traffic.
  • 82% of people use their phones to make an online search before they make the decision to purchase from a store.
  • 50% of consumers are inclined towards a particular brand if the name appears more than once during their search.

The aforementioned statistics clearly indicate that the impact of digital marketing is ever-increasing.

The good news is that, as a business entity, you will able to make your choice from the various digital channels to develop brand awareness and generate leads. The performance of each channel is measurable and hence you can evaluate your company’s performance across each channel and derive the best decision. However, digital marketing strategies and plans will differ depending on the type of your business – whether it is B2B or B2C.

First of all, let’s proceed with the changes led by digital marketing and how it impacts the way businesses operate:

  • Customer Communication – Digital platforms and social media has enabled easy and instant communication between the brand and the audience. And the best thing is, it helps to connect with the global audience.
  • Content Distribution – Have you ever thought of the volume of content distributed via digital marketing? The answer is ‘Huge’. Every day, a business can share huge content with the audience via social media, emails, applications, newsletters and so on. This way marketers can easily spread their message to a large audience.
  • Customer Information – With the help of technology, companies can track the data of the customers. The analysis of the data can help your business to get to know customer likes and preferences. Based on which, you can make vital business decisions. Say, you want to introduce a new product and then you refer to customer information. By knowing the pattern followed in the data, you will be able to know which product will work and which will not.
  • Transparent information – Customer’s information is important to the company. In the same way, today, the customers are also interested in everything about the company they are making their purchases from. If the brand shares its information and reveals its true personality online, customers feel that the brand is transparent. In response, the customers get more inclined towards brand loyalty.
  • Encourage Innovations – Digital marketing offers a platform to reach customers in an innovative way. When there is a stiff competition in the market, having an innovative approach helps brands to stand out.

Digital marketing is creative and helps you to keep up with the trends!

While there are small businesses who are active in digital marketing, there are also small businesses who are still postponing it due to a variety of reasons like lack of time, lack of knowledge or limiting themselves to one particular kind of marketing. Some also believe that as they are a small business, they need a small manageable number of customers. This approach is not appropriate and may become a hindrance to their growth.

Are you also the one who still overlooks the benefits of digital marketing? Then better get started while you read the best reasons why digital marketing is important.


Top4 Reasons You Need Digital Marketing for Your Business

  1. Provides an equal opportunity for every business

    You can see your small business growing because digital marketing provides equal opportunities for every business. It is not a strategy only restricted to big corporations or multinational companies. Small businesses can actually leverage their business with the help of digital marketing. They can stand in perfect competition with the established businesses. Also, they can make full use of digital marketing by engaging different clients on different platforms.

  2. The cost-effective form of marketing

    Digital marketing does not require huge investments. Small businesses can find digital channels that work and do not require much cost to be spent. Digital marketing, hence becomes a ray of hope for small businesses.

  3. Helps in conversions

    Conversions can be tracked by understanding the traffic that turns into subscribers, leads and deals. Good news: The conversions with digital marketing are higher when compared to other forms of marketing. Therefore, small businesses should make efforts to draw strong digital strategies that aim for higher conversions.

  4. Increases revenue

    A successful digital marketing strategy gives more conversions. The revenue also increases as a result of higher conversion rates. Companies that use social media generate 78% more business compared to the companies who do not use social media marketing. The response from email marketing is also high. A combination of content marketing with other marketing strategies together brings a high response and resultantly impacts the revenue.

Looking at the above list of reasons, small businesses should definitely opt for digital marketing. Many startups and small businesses adopt traditional methods of marketing but the results with traditional methods are very slow and are able to attract customers at a local level only. Whereas, the group of potential customers found online is comparatively very large as compared to the potential customers that are targeted locally.

With digital marketing, small businesses can attract a large number of audience. Digital marketing is a cost-effective way to transform your business. Hence, it is wise for the small business to utilize the potential of digital marketing and get ahead in their business.


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