Making it personal: Why tailoring creatives is the key to connecting with consumers

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Online video keeps gaining popularity in Indonesia. Over 91% of all adults online, measuring over 93 million unique users, visit YouTube every month. This year alone, overall watch time doubled for auto shows, knowledge-based videos grew by 80%, while search interest for “Korean drama” and “drakor” increased by 1.3X.

With such a wide array of content available for viewers to watch, marketers are looking for new ways to capture their audience’s attention and keep them watching with a viewing experience that ensures they come back for more.

Research has found that integrated campaigns with customized creatives can lead to a 67% increase in brand ROI over campaigns that don’t bother to adapt for different channels.

Here, we look at how three brands in Indonesia showed a unique understanding of their customers’ interests and intentions with personalized messaging and user-generated content that not only provide value but also drive business impact.


Speak their language: Craft messages that align to audience interests

Gaming, movies, and music are some of the most popular genres on YouTube. In Indonesia, watch time of multiplayer online battle arena videos grew by 50%, while YouTube search interest for “TV” and “drakor” (Bahasa for Korean drama) has also risen.

When network provider Telkomsel saw an opportunity to expand into digital lifestyle services, they wanted to lean into these three online video trends to help drive awareness of three new products among new and existing customers.

To connect with customers, the brand needed to create messaging that was relevant to people’s individual interests. Using YouTube’s Director Mix, Telkomsel created 200 customized creatives targeting over 75 different audiences, which personalized messaging based on the audience’s interests. Music fans were served a copy that read: “Stream all of your favourite songs through one platform,” while gaming enthusiasts saw “Buy gaming quota easily through MyTelkomsel.”

By focusing on serving ads that related most closely to audience interests, Telkomsel saw an increase in ad recall of 8% and product interest by 13.4% among those who had not seen the ad before.

Telkomsel online video ad - Top4 Marketing


Follow what’s trending: Understand your audiences’ intentions

With more people staying home for Ramadan this year, and a corresponding increase in kitchen-time, search interest for “cookies” and “kue” (cakes) on YouTube nearly doubled.

Knowing there would be more people cooking Ramadan meals at home due to COVID-19, Frisian Flag saw an opportunity to show how its powdered milk product could be used to cook popular desserts eaten during this festive period while also staying top-of-mind for families when they were in the kitchen.

The brand developed 17 videos featuring delicious and easy-to-follow recipes that included Frisian Flag milk as an ingredient, and then it invested in keywords on YouTube Search related to “cakes” and “cookies” to ensure their helpful videos appeared each time a user searched for these terms.

Viewers responded well to the minute-long videos, which aired in May 2020, with people watching over 90% of every video, on average.

Frisian Flag online video ad - Top4 Marketing


Let your customers do the talking: Encourage user-generated content

As Nestlé worked on their new campaign for Bear Brand milk, they couldn’t land on one message that spoke to all their users. Through customer insights, they realized that Indonesians of all walks of life – grandmothers, party-goers, travellers and sports fans – use the product in a variety of ways, which include easing nausea, improving skincare, and using it as a fitness drink.

Seeing how their milk is used, Nestlé dropped the idea of one-message-for-all and decided to create a campaign that would showcase the various ways consumers use the milk, with the message “Bear Brand, bisa banget!” [Whatever the situation, Bear Brand can help!]

The brand created a campaign inviting consumers to share photos of themselves using Bear Brand milk (their own “bisa banget” experience). With the help of Director Mix, these customer testimonies and images were then used to produce unique creative assets for over 40 different audiences.

The ads reached 30 million users, resulting in an 11% increase in consideration. The cost per impression was 50% lower than the YouTube average, and led to over 700,000 visits to the brand’s website.

Bear brand online video ad - Top4 Marketing

No matter where or when people are watching videos online, they want access to content that is helpful and related to their interests and passions. Keep a close eye on how people watch, when they watch, and what they care about and adapt your content accordingly. By taking the time to create tailored experiences for viewers, brands will ultimately build better, and more long-lasting connections with their customers.


Engage with your customers through videos on Top4

It’s no secret that video continues to become one of the most effective elements in a digital marketing strategy — and will continue to be so.

As a visual species, humans find videos more engaging, more memorable, and more popular than any other type of content out there. Video as a means of storytelling and advertising is no longer a nice option – it’s a necessity.

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Business owners can now link their YouTube accounts to their Top4 Business Profile, and users will be able to watch the featured videos directly from Top4!

Video feature on Top4

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