The Top4 Social Media Trends for 2020 and Beyond

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The internet is a fast-changing and continuously-developing marketing channel. It empowered end-users by giving them the power to set current social media trends, influencing brand promotion and purchasing decisions of individuals. Since then, it has been continuously changing.

That is why the newest social media trends are consistently at the top of every business’ watch list. After all, advertising on social media has always been effective in helping brands reach their target. Arguably, these trends are also behind the prominence and progress of social networks as a useful platform for communication, producing public information, and sustaining businesses. It gave rise to stronger branded communities and the need for skilled social media content moderator to fortify their audience reach and impact to target users.

Thus, making social media presence an integral part of a company’s marketing plans is a great way to be a step ahead of their competitors. For those who want to strengthen their social media plans, here are some of the 2020 social media trends to watch out this year!


1. Video and Image Stories

Short-lived content is now a thing. Brief “stories” in the form of images and videos are some of the latest social media trends on Facebook and Instagram. It is used by approximately 500 million daily users on Facebook alone. These types of posts or story are those that go away after a certain period of time, usually after 24 hours. It’s been used by influencers and ordinary people to share new and up-to-date news to their followers. These posts are information that is not necessarily needed to be posted on their timeline but still deserves a spot on their accounts as an update.

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Stories are appealing because short content is easier to digest, more engaging and addictive. It suits the character of today’s consumers where people have relatively shorter attention spans and are visually inclined.

Stories have also reinforced the practice of adding polls, questions and answer boxes, and other engaging features that made it an instant hit to end-users and even brands. Some companies use fleeting content to build audience anticipation on upcoming promos or showcase their unique company culture.


2. Social Media as an eCommerce Platform

Even before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, many online stores have already been utilizing social media platforms as a virtual shop. Small online sellers are emerging almost every day. eCommerce businesses on various social networks are even strengthened as lockdowns and quarantines were simultaneously implemented in many parts of the world.

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Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest are used to post photos of a product that a company offers. Businesses operating through social media are now slowly gaining authority over the eCommerce industry, fiercely competing with online shopping websites and other retail shops with physical stores.


3. Social Media as Customer Service Platform

Social Media has long been used for communication and information sharing among its users. But, businesses have also found their way to make use of the platform for their own benefit. These beneficial uses include maximizing their customer service.

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Now recognized as part of the current trends in social media, online help desk in social media began with the influx of small eCommerce businesses online. Companies noticed the flock of users trying to ask for help through social media messaging platforms. The trend is not just because social platforms cater to faster customer service. It is also because it enables more personal and direct communication between a company and its customer and leads.  Compared to the long process of calling and sending emails, personalized and accessible communication is what most people prefer.


4. Social for Local Targeting

There are still several companies that have not realized how social media is an effective engine to use for targeting specific groups and locations. For those who have, they are now diverting their strategy into local targeting. Businesses purposely pick out specific locations of their market for a localized selection.

Local targeting is available on Facebook and Instagram, although doing so is easier thought-of than done. After deciding the geographical location of a company’s target market, they shall now set their posts to a specific area to be able to reach their audience and the people nearby. By doing so, the selected group will easily find their product. This feature is particularly available on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.


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