Top4 Reasons Why Reviews Are Necessary for Your Business

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Although a lot of business owners take it for granted, reviews are actually very important for your business. So important, that around 98% of Australians read online reviews before they make a purchase. Furthermore, 94% of them trust online reviews as much as they trust personal recommendations from their friends. In a world where almost everything can be found online now, people often look to reviews to know if a business is actually credible or not. To know the impact of reviews on your business, let’s take a deeper look at our top 4 reasons why reviews are crucial to your business’ success.

1. Increase Sales

Let’s talk about the increase in sales as a result of positive reviews and feedback from your paying customers. With the internet readily available for everyone to use, people usually flock to sites that offer complete reviews before buying a product. Often called as touch-points, many customers go through the stage where they’re fully aware of the options available in the market and are often at the verge of their purchase decisions. With the help of reviews, they often decide as to which brands or products to go for. Seeing many positive reviews about your brand often leads to an increase in sales. There are ways to help nurture and promote such environment. Your company has to focus on great products and equally great service, so it will result into great experience and gather in more positive reviews. This makes sense because they would want to know how good the product is from someone who has bought it first hand before they buy it themselves. Having a good review on your product will boost up your conversion rates, which will translate to more sales. The better reviews your products have, the more likely you will have customers who are interested in buying your products.

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2. Build Your Credibility

Aside from sales, your business also needs credibility in order to sustain long term growth. Even if you have a lot of customers in the first quarter, your company needs credibility and integrity to sustain those customers. Many online reviews can help build up your credibility, because people will see nothing but positive words about your brand.

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Now, there’s a possibility that you have a bad review. The question here would be whether that bad review will affect your credibility or not. This is the reason why you’ll be needing a lot of good reviews. Once the good reviews have already built up your credibility, one or two bad reviews isn’t really going to hurt you that bad. However, this does not mean that you should just ignore the bad review. It is recommended that you address the problem right away so that you can show the public that your company does have good customer service and treasures its clients.

3. Improve SEO

Good reviews help your business rank, especially with organic search results. Since your brand will be mentioned quite a lot in reviews, it will become more relevant in the search engine results. Reviews will be considered by the search engine as unique content already, and unique content has more crawlability to the search engine bots. When the content becomes more indexable, then it will gain a better ranking in the search engines.

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4. Drive Traffic to Your Website

Reviews can help bring your customers to your website. If a reader is reading a review of your product and is now interested to buy it, the next step would be to look for where they can buy your product. There are actually some product or service review websites that would link the product or service review directly to the main site. It allows interested parties to go directly to the product or service providers’ website, so that the readers don’t have to search for them anymore.

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Bonus: Spread Your Brand

Reviews can also be used as a marketing tool, meaning that it can encourage the creation of even more reviews. Think of it as a viral type of thing, where one review will lead to many more people leaving reviews. When a lot of people write reviews on different platforms, then your brand name will inevitably spread. With your brand name spreading in a good way, you will be getting free marketing from your satisfied customers. Not only building awareness of your products or services, it will also build loyalty as well since your reviews will show that your brand has good credibility. 

So, How Do We Get Reviews?

Luckily, we have good news for you. Our location-based marketing platform Top4 will add a brand new feature that helps your business receive the reviews you deserve. Here’s a sneak peek of our new feature:

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With one easy click, you can import your existing contacts from Gmail and send them emails to ask for your business’ reviews. If you don’t know what to write, we also added a customized message that will help you convey your message!

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