Breaking Into the Google Local Pack: 4 Steps to Better Online Ranking for Your Self-Storage Business

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It’s never been more important to rank well on Google searches. Fortunately, there are simple strategies to move your self-storage business into the coveted local pack. Here are the four best strategies.

Google’s local pack, also known as the map pack or 3-pack, includes the top three listings and map that appear at the top of most location-based searches. It’s an important but often underutilized feature for self-storage businesses.

While most companies would love to be featured in the pack, getting there can be confusing and difficult depending on the level of competition in your area. After all, there are only three spots up for grabs! In this article, we’ll cover four strategies you can use to maximize your chances of landing in this group and drive more customers to your website.

1. Optimize Your GMB Profile

By far, the most important thing you can do to improve your position in search rankings and get you closer to the local pack is optimize your Google My Business (GMB) profile. A complete profile with all the correct information in the right places will lead to better rankings and improve customer perception of your business.

Review your current listing to ensure you’ve provided as much information as possible. This includes selecting the correct category for your storage business, providing current office hours, adding photos, and using the “more hours” feature to set your facility-access hours. You should also respond to any questions from online users about your operation.

It’s worth noting that companies that have keywords in their name tend to see a rank boost. For example, “Alabama Self Storage” will have a better chance of ranking than a nondescript name such as “MoreSpace.” However, this doesn’t mean you should force keywords into your name on GMB, as it might result in confusion, especially if you don’t use them consistently across all Web platforms. It could also violate Google’s terms and conditions.

2. Get More Reviews

Over the past few years, Google has increased the importance of reviews as a ranking factor for sites in the local pack. It’s more important than ever that you have a proper review-collection strategy in place. If you don’t ask your self-storage customers for reviews, you won’t get very many. Only a small percentage of customers will leave one without any prompting.

What to do. A good way to solicit reviews is to set up a short URL through GMB and share it with your customers. When they click on it, they can rate you and leave comments. You can also use this link in many other places, such as company emails and newsletters. Send a review request to customers once they’ve been with your self-storage facility for a few weeks. You can also print this short URL onto cards staff can hand out to new tenants.

What not to do. There are many ways to get reviews that can do more harm than good. Buying fake reviews is the most obvious, but there are others you might not have realized are against Google’s terms, such as:

  • Review gating: This is when you check in with new customers and ask if they’re happy with your product or service, then only request a review from those who reply positively. This is against the rules. If you’re asking for reviews, you need to ask everyone, even if they aren’t fully satisfied.
  • Incentives: You can’t pay someone to leave a review or offer them a discount to do so. Similarly, you can’t enter people into a competition if they leave a review.
  • Review swaps: You can’t ask someone for a review with the understanding that you’ll review them in return.

Our location-based marketing platform Top4 will also add a brand new feature that helps your business receive the reviews you deserve. Here’s a sneak peek of our new feature:

Top4 new feature about sending reviews - Top4 Marketing

With one easy click, you can import your existing contacts from Gmail and send them emails to ask for your business’ reviews. If you don’t know what to write, we also added a customized message that will help you convey your message!

Top4 new feature about sending reviews - Top4 Marketing

Not only that, once the reviews start coming in, we’ll help you manage them and keep those spammy fake reviews away from your business. This is because not all reviews we receive on Top4 are approved. Our review management team will make sure that the reviews are genuine before letting them show on your Top4 Business Profile. Therefore, you can rest assured that all the reviews you receive on your Top4 Business Profile are 100% genuine from your valued customers.


3. Improve Your Website

There are three main components to this strategy:

Focus on keywords. The better your self-storage website targets your desired keyword terms, the better your chances for a good Google ranking. Ensuring you have good keywords in vital places on your website, such as in your title tags, content and internal navigation, will help Google understand what your page is about.

For consistency, it’s also important to ensure that your company name, address and phone number appear on your website in the same format used on your GMB listing. If you’ve undertaken a search engine optimization campaign, then most of these things will be covered already. If you haven’t, take some actionable steps in this area.

Build more quality links. The links that point to your website from external websites can influence how well you perform in search rankings. Work on building more high-quality links to your website and facility-location pages. There are many ways to accomplish this, but start with any businesses, organizations, local directories or news publications with which you already enjoy a relationship. For example, if you sponsor a local sports team or support a local charity, ask for a link on its website.

Build key citations. Citations are listings on directory sites like Facebook and Yelp. They usually include a link to your website as well as your business name, address and phone number. (Again, be consistent!) Google will use this data to improve its confidence in the information you provided on your GMB. Citations are less important now than they were a few years ago, so it’s no longer worth it to scour the Internet for every directory out there. Instead, focus on the main directories as well as storage-specific ones, and you should be fine.

By using each of these three strategies, you should be much better positioned to break into the Google local pack and drive more traffic to your self-storage website. The higher the level of competition in your area, the more work you’ll need to do on each. Stick with it and the results should come.

4. A Top4 Local Microsite

The advantages of using our location-based platform Top4 are numerous. You don’t have to pay the initial upfront cost of designing a website or app. You also get free marketing and exposure to new customers who may not yet have heard of you.

Additionally, here are some features you do not want to miss on your Top4 Local Microsite!

Find nearby self storage

  • Access their basic information, such as name, address, phone number, email address, map and Google map directions.
  • Browse through their overview, gallery, products, and press releases.
  • Read verified reviews from local people before making your purchase.

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