Grab Just Launched Their Own Supermarket And They Deliver Right To Your Doorstep For Free

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Grab recently introduced a new feature within their app, Malaysia’s first delivery-only supermarket, GrabSupermarket 😀

Image from Grab

What’s unique about GrabSupermarket is that if you want to order fresh produce such as vegetables, fruits and meats, you will receive it directly from the supplier, straight to your doorstep. That’s about as fresh as it gets!

Not to be confused with GrabMart, here are the differences between these Grab services:

– GrabMart: Order from nearby grocery stores, convenience chain stores, bakeries, pharmacies, and more on-demand and get your orders delivered to you within 30 minutes.

– GrabSupermarket: Order from Grab’s own supermarket/distribution centre, with over 2,500 items from fresh produce to cleaning essentials, and with next-day delivery.


Here’s why you should do your grocery shopping via GrabSupermarket:

1. You get to have your groceries delivered to you for free!

 Image from The Insiders Stories

Unlike other services which impose a delivery fee, there are zero delivery charges for GrabSupermarket, so you don’t have to worry about extra costs.

No longer will you have to go through the hassle of searching and fighting for a parking spot, as GrabSupermarket will do all the legwork for you! Saving money on petrol and parking fees is an added bonus, y’all 🙂

2. You will receive the freshest items available via GrabSupermarket

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With GrabSupermarket’s next-day delivery policy, this ensures that you will receive freshly picked produce, as perishable goods such as meat, fruits, and vegetables are directly sourced from their partnering farms and suppliers.

3. This supermarket is super convenient 😉

Image from Travel Daily

No need to fight for parking or push your way through long queues – all you have to do is plan what you wanna buy from the supermarket a day earlier and wait for your friendly neighborhood abang Grab to deliver your groceries the following day. It’s just a few taps away!

4. There is a huuuge range of over 2,500 household items

When it comes to food items, shopping with GrabSupermarket is just like shopping at any other supermarket. Enjoy a wide selection of over 2,500 items, ranging from fresh, dry, frozen, and everyday non-food essentials. Anything you want – they’ve got it!

It’s easy to start shopping with GrabSupermarket. Here’s how:

1. You can find GrabSupermarket by tapping on ‘Mart’ on your phone

2. Type ‘GrabSupermarket’ in the search bar, then tap on it

3. Once you’re in, you can choose your preferred time slot, as in the timing of when you can expect the Grab rider to deliver your groceries

4. Next, you can select all the items you would normally buy on a grocery run

5. Finally, you can checkout and wait patiently for your goods to arrive the next day during your chosen time slot

Convenient grocery shopping is just a tap away with GrabSupermarket. Find out more deets here.

Image from Grab

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