7 Ways to Optimize Your Website for Local Search

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The movement on #ShopLocal has been trending since Covid-19 hit the world last year. The pandemic is limiting our outdoor activities and forcing many businesses to close down. Our local restaurant, market, bookstore, boutique and other local stores that we used to visit are no longer be there for us in the time of needs.

Based on the research from The Retail Council of Canada’s (RCC), throughout the 2020 holiday seasons, there are 90% of Canadians choose to shop local. 83% would like to buy items that were also made in Canada.

As the holiday season has passed, it is time for business owners to look out for what’s ahead in 2021 to find ways to keep their business growing locally.

For you who run a store-front business or have a small company service, it is essential and crucial to maintaining your focus on your online marketing strategies on getting your website with more visitors.

Have no worries and keep reading as there are SEVEN ways to boost that red line up as you reach your targeted audience and help you make ends meet throughout 2021:

1. Make Notes of the Area that You Would Like to Target.

Let’s have an example: if you live in suburbs Melbourne, Victoria, you may add keywords such as “Burwood”, “Ashwood”, “Camberwell”, and other areas in your website posts. Cover your city, the nearby city centre and your state.
Then, continue to make long-tail keyword phrases for each of them. If you want to buy a car but you want to do an inspection first, you may use phrases such as “Burwood pre-purchase car inspections”, “Burwood car inspections”, or “Burwood car inspector”

German Precision - Top4 Marketing

Service areas you want to target - German Precision - Top4 Marketing

2. Have A Local Keyword Phrases When Writing a Web Page or a Blog Post.

You have your list and it is time to start writing your article!
The trick to have the search engine keep you on top of the list in their search result is trying to use keywords and geographic locations all over your website copy. It is to optimize your website for local search.

Blog post - Kensington Kitchens & Bathrooms - Top4 Marketing

3. Write and Post New Local Content Frequently.

It is necessary to keep writing new posts with fresh content to a website as a value-adding blog post.
Creating new location-based content with your keywords could help your message more relevant. It could be about public activities you have in your community or your story of trying a new local service in town.

4. Don’t Forget to Add Your Business Information at The Footer of Your Page.

It is vital to put your business address on your site. Not only it helps you to show Google that you are a local business, but also a way to let your website visitors that they are in the right place.

Website - City Pest Control - Top4 Marketing

5. Take Advantage of Google My Business.

Google My Business has helped much local business marked on the maps. People are utilizing a search engine to find something and over five billion searches are made globally each day through Google. Which means having your small business registered on Google My Business will help you find more audience. They will find your service or product quick and easy. A convenient way to let local netizens know that you are existing in their local search, and it’s free!

Google My Business - Salt Finance - Top4 Marketing

6. Picture is Essential.

Another way to optimize your website besides writing posts is to take pictures of your local product or services and share them to the targeted audience on your website. It is a way to showcase your business, let them know what you have to offer with your authentic photos instead of getting pictures from the internet.
Name the pictures when you post them to your page, have them in a file name that has your local keyword phrases so the images used on your site then have the localized keyword phrase names and alt tags.
Therefore, if someone is looking to buy flowers in Red Hill and search for “flower shop in Red Hill”, your photos will show on the Google Photo Search top list.

Gallery - Pace Migration - Top4 Marketing

7. Benefits from Review Sites.

Our unique location-based marketing platform Top4 allows your customer to write reviews about your business. Having good reviews can help you boost your business image and also pump the search results.

Review - My OT Crew - Top4 Marketing

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