Top4 Social Media Content Writing Tips

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Day-by-day social platform algorithms transition makes it harder to generate engagement with your social media posts. Applying some simple writing tips, you can make your message more interesting to your followers.

If you take your time, effort and money into posting on social media, the results will be you finally meet or exceed the goals you’ve identified for each platform. However, posting without a social media strategy, your efforts will be wasted.

Having a social media strategy and action plan, based on your particular business goals, resources and available time, is crucial to your success. You need to create social media posts and content that speak to your followers and inspire them to take action.

In this post, we’ll share top4 social media content writing tips for creating posts that get the attention of your target audience and motivate engagement.

Get to know your audience

You want your followers to notice and engage with your social posts, then you need to make them immensely relevant to your target audience.

The more relevant your posts are, the more success you will have. But you need to take the time to truly understand your audience. Relevance, in general, is not enough. So start with the general demographic information and dig deeper.

Identify the demands, obstacles or challenges they have. If you found one challenge or need that might be a high priority for the followers, then develop content and social media posts that offer them a solution.


Connect with them in their language

Research further and learn what language your ideal clients use to communicate their request or experience. Use their language when writing your posts to assure your content resonates with them. This will help to show them that you understand them.

For example, you write a Facebook post for an annual celebration such as Christmas. You wish for them to have a merry Christmas and joyful holiday.

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Followers usually also looking forward to an event or a sale held by their beloved store or restaurant. You can accustom your business to the occasion by having a promotion to your service or product.

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Visualize with images and videos

Visual content is more captivating and delivers your message quicker than words in a nutshell. You can use images, graphics and videos to tell your message. With just an image or video you can still convey the full message to your audience in a post.

Video, in particular, have better impact to connect with your followers on a deeper level. People respond well to video, as it can humanize you and enable them to get to know you more intimately.

Optimize each piece of visual content on the platform used on to ensure your message is being shared, and that you look professional.

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Keep it short and simple

Time is valuable. If you don’t want to lose your audience’s attention, you need to keep them interested. Some tips for you:

  • Being as clear as possible when writing on your topic
  • Have the paragraph contained with two or three sentences
  • Make your content and posts easy to read by writing at an eighth-grade reading level
  • Use headings, bullets and lists where possible to make your content easier to scan

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