Why your Franchise or Multi-Location Business needs a Location-Based Marketing Platform

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Local digital marketing can be quite a headache to set up. You required constant management and care for your franchises and physical multi-location businesses across the world.

Advertising on the local level could drive sales for many businesses. With a location-based digital marketing platform committed to both single- and multi-location businesses, that headache of yours will disappear in an instance. Top4 will help you manage your scalable advertising campaigns with ease.

Taking your Local Business online.

Multi-location businesses usually rely on national advertising but now it’s time to take chances to advertise locally.

Local business owners and managers should be keen to do local digital marketing because many customers today are discovering places online:

  • 46% of all Google users are looking for local information.
  • 72% of consumers that did a local search visited their chosen place within five miles.
  • 28% of the time purchases are made from local searches result.

Local digital marketing will help you develop the brand image of each business and also drive traffic into the store.

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Local digital marketing campaigns can customize your local business campaigns to meet their business needs. Things such as location, climate, competition, product offerings, etc., the advertising campaign’s keywords, posts, captions would be adapted to suit the specific location.

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Corporate Campaign Management.

The corporate office should support its individual businesses. Not many local business owners or managers have the know-how or the time to create online advertisements and manage their optimization.

But if they work with an agency, the overall costs of marketing the brand will greatly increase. Working with a local-based digital marketing platform will allow the corporate office to define a b2c or b2b marketing strategy that dedicated to franchises and multi-location business to standardize all campaign models offered to the network.


Local Marketing Expands Business Conversions.

Using a location-based marketing platform, local businesses will have the opportunity to appear first on the SERP (search engine results pages) for important search in their business territory. Contents will be personalized specifically to your local events and make sure customer finds your details easily.

You are going to be able to interact with audiences on specific events such as grand openings, local events, open houses, private sales, promotions, etc.

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Use Top4 All-In-One Platform for Your Marketing Needs

Top4 location-based marketing platform has helped many businesses manage successful advertising campaigns. We have a great platform where we use one dashboard to manage all of your social media strategies with focusing on local content, manage your online reputation and ads for your multi-location businesses and franchises. We’re the team that does it all, so you can focus on your multi-location businesses and franchises. Top4 Marketing Platform integrates and works hand-in-hand with Google, Google Maps, and Social Media Platforms to improve and strengthen your businesses online.

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