A list of free website and marketing grader tools

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If you’re into data and analytics like all digital marketers, you love insights. Of every kind. About your audience: who they are, where they come from, what devices they use. You also love website insights: how do users navigate your site, what pages bring in the most, top referring websites, and how visitors find your site.

Besides the (main) tool of trade – Google analytics, there is a bunch of (free) tools that offer further insight into how well you’re performing. See below a list of the most popular website and marketing grader tools.

1. Hubspot Website Grader

hubspot marketing grader

The original Hubspot website grader launched in 2006 and has graded 4 million websites. (It even won a Webby award while doing it). Acknowledging that marketing has grown more complex since 2006, Hubspot launched a new Marketing grader in 2011.

This marketing grader provides the overall information and grades your website on a scale of 1 to 100. It also runs a simple check on five major areas: blogging, social media, search engine optimization, lead generation, and mobile. You then get simple optimization tips in each of those areas.

On the plus side, the tool is great for beginners. It’s fast, too.

If you’re looking for more in-depth information, try…

 2. Nibbler

nibbler website grader

Nibbler. This marketing grader uses 20+ tests to evaluate your website. The data is broken down into four main areas:

  1. accessibility – how accessible is your website for mobile and disabled users
  2. experience – if the website is likely to offer a satisfying experience for users
  3. marketing – website marketing and popularity
  4. technology – if your website is well built and designed

The Nibbler marketing grader offers a score from 1 to 10 for each of those areas and for each of the tests that make up an area.

Compared to Hubspot, it gives you in-depth, specific information about what you need to work on. From page titles to code quality, you have all the details right there. It also sorts items according to priority – from highest to the lowest.

3. Woorank

woorank marketing grader

Like Nibble, Woorank offers a lot of information about your website. It provides an overall grade from 1 to 100 and goes on with specific information on SEO, Mobile, Usability, Technologies.

The tool provides a checklist on what you can do to optimize each of the key areas. It also shows you how difficult each suggestion is.

Compared to other marketing graders, Nibble goes beyond popularity and technical details and provides a more rounded view. With keywords, it provides some insight into content and marketing.

4. Quicksprout

free marketing grader tool quicksprout

Quicksprout’s website grader is a quick way to see how you’re doing from an SEO-only perspective. It analyses your website SEO score, speed score, and checks for items that could affect performance.

It also runs a test on all the headings on your page, points how good your links are, and gives you specific info on what you can do to optimize from headline length to optimizing your images. Like other tools, it also shows suggestions.

What’s more, you can also add up to three competitors to see how you’re doing in key areas regarding SEO: estimated traffic score, SEO score, speed score, and social share score.

 5. Wordstream Google Ads Performance Grader

ree web marketing tool wordstream

Wordstream’s Google Ads Performance grader is one of a kind in all the available marketing graders. If other similar tools check your website, this looks into your Adwords account and analyses its performance.

The Google Ads performance grader takes a close look at 10 important areas in your PPC account including wasted spend, quality score, impression share, Clickthrough rate, Ad optimization, and landing page optimization. Like with other similar tools, you also get suggestions on how and where you can improve.

All you need is to sign up using the account you’re using Google Ads with and you’re good to go. You don’t need to worry about safety – it’s fully secure.

6. W3c Validator

w3c free marketing tool

While it doesn’t offer much marketing insight, this website grader checks to see if everything complies from a technical point of view. It runs a thorough website check and shows you exactly the errors and the lines of code you need to update.

If you’re wondering how this tool could be useful compared to the ones we just mentioned, remember that organic algorithms prefer websites that comply with current HTML standards.

7. Google’s Page Speed Insights

google pagespeed insights

Page speed is one of the most important factors in the ranking algorithm. And it makes sense: happy users don’t want to wait too long for their pages to load.

Google’s page speed insights grader scans your page and shows you what you can do to improve page speed for desktop and for mobile.

If you want more in-depth information for page speed for specific browser versions and locations, Dareboost is right for you. It analyses your website according to the device (desktop, tablet, and mobile), browser (Chrome, Firefox), and location (you can select countries or cities).

8. Clarity Grader

People don’t read, they scan web pages. Because of that, clarity is of the essence.

Here is where ClarityGrader can help. It checks your website copy for anything that might make text hard to scan and difficult to understand.

ClarityGrader takes a look at long sentences, passive voice occurrence, reading level, spelling, and bad language. It also highlights the areas where you need to make changes.

It also features a discovery tab that shows the most important keywords for each of your landing pages. The bad language tab is pretty neat – it shows you all the cliches you’re using. None for us, yey!

(Would be nice if Google Analytics offered this straight off, wouldn’t it?)

9.  Moz’s Link Explorer

moz free marketing tool

Moz’s Link Explorer gives you a bird’s eye view of SEO. It offers information about domain authority, page authority, most important links, and backlinks. While you could say that this is not that important, Domain and page authority are two important elements in the organic ranking algorithm.

10.  SemRush

semrush free marketing tool

There’s no shortage of competitive intelligence tools and SemRush is one of the best. Even if you don’t own a paid subscription, the free website marketing analysis provides a lot of insight into your marketing position.

With it, you get information on paid and organic rankings, keywords, main competitors, sample ads. The free version also features backlinks, referring domains, sample banners, and a breakdown of traffic according to country.

Even if others feature the same information, SemRush presents it in a very visually organized, hierarchic way.

11. SimilarWeb

similarweb free marketing tool

SimilarWeb is what you would get if you combined data from Alexa with data featured in SemRush. It pulls data from various sources and gives you a bird’s eye view on traffic and acquisition, nicely packed in a highly visual manner.

The free report features info on major traffic sources and countries. It also provides general info on organic and paid traffic and you can add some competitors and see how you’re measuring up in terms of traffic and traffic sources.

12.  Ahrefs

ahrefs marketing tool

The information provided by this report goes hand in hand with the one from Moz’s Open Link Explorer. It’s similar to SemRush and Similar web, but the Ahrefs report offers more link analysis, top referrers, website, and a breakdown of the domains that link to your website.

It also shows if your website is healthy, a breakdown of the type of domains that link to you, broken backlinks, anchors.

13. Mail-tester.com

13fwm mail-tester-bannersnack

While a marketing grader for full email marketing programs has yet to be released, mail-tester.com is the best tool currently available for testing emails.

It goes beyond the “does-my-email-land-in-inbox” and “does-everything-render-ok” email testing and runs a full technical check. The grader runs a Spam-Assasin score, which shows you if you’re fully authenticated, if your message is safe and well-formatted and if you happen to have any broken links in your email.

That’s it – the list of free marketing graders that can make a difference for your website. Take them for a spin and have fun improving your site! You’re welcome.

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