Top 4 Strategies to Improve Your Local and Mobile SEO in Digital Marketing

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You’ve got a great looking website, engaging content, and a presence across multiple social media platforms. When you have already done paid advertising, do online promotions, offered products through your online platforms, and added an online booking system to make scheduling appointments more convenient for your clients. All of these improvements you made for your SEO in digital marketing campaigns seem to be paying off.

However, there is one thing you missing from your practice. That one thing is a reliable source of new, local clients who can find you online.

Although you may think you’ve had all the key elements that to be needed for a successful digital marketing campaign, you may have most likely forgotten the most important of one thing of all, which appears to be Search Engine Optimization or SEO. SEO is needed if you want to grow a local, loyal clients base as one of your digital marketing campaign goals.

Why is local SEO so important? What are the best ways you can use SEO to get the most advantages for your online campaign?

SEO in Digital Marketing

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving the quality and quantity of website traffic to a website or a web page from search engines. As most likely you already know SEO in digital marketing will help you to improve website visibility for relevant searches. There are countless ways that SEO can be used to do this, depending on the goals of the user. Focusing your SEO toward the local clients also means thinking in terms of who are those that going to accessing your website and other online platforms on their mobile devices. 

1. Managing your website to be more mobile-devices friendly

According to Google,

  1. Almost one in three of all mobile searches are related to location
  2. Two out of three smartphone users are more likely to subscribe to businesses which mobile websites or application customize the information to their location
  3. More than 75% of those smartphone users who search for a nearby business will visit it within a day

This note one thing, that you should build your website to more mobile-device friendly. If a prospective future client has difficulty in navigating your website on their smartphone or tablet, then it won’t matter how many stars and reviews you have or how close your location is to their home or place of work. You will have lost that opportunity to convert them to an actual client. The more you manage your website to be mobile-device friendly, the future clients will be more interested and engaging to your online platform, and therefore, your digital marketing will lead far from your opponents.

2. Keywords is the “Key” for your local SEO hit

Given the Google statistic about the local users, it is clear that you will want to customize your SEO in digital marketing toward local searches, preferably from users with mobile devices. First, do the research for the keywords that you should use to reach the local users who may be interested in your services and business.

Google offers a keyword tool that lets you see the traffic that each of the keywords gets so that you can find the best combination of high traffic keywords without any competition. Those keywords should be incorporated into your website’s name, tags, and content.

3. Start Listing

If you have not already done to start doing Listing, then you better start to claim your local online business listings.

This will greatly absolutely increase your chances of having your practice come up when a local user types in a search engine. Since most people use Google, it should be the first place to set up an online business listing. This will allow your practice to show up on Google’s local map results.

4. Reviews

Users usually turn on the online review sites when they trying to search for the best services and businesses. You can use that same local SEO in digital marketing to boost visibility for your online platform. Start by signing up with both local online review sites and major ones. Once you are already set up, you can ask your current clients to leave you their reviews online. The combination of good reviews and local contact information will not only make it easier for prospective patients to find you, but also boost your local SEO visibility.

Once you have captured the attention of local prospective clients by using effective SEO techniques, your next step is to keep them engaged on your website in online platforms that they will then take the next step of making that initial appointment via your online scheduling app. The best way to do this is with fresh content that speaks to the needs of prospective patients. Combining compelling content with effective local SEO will help your bottom line and get your practice to the next level.

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