Ways To Make Your Multi-Location Local Pages Stand Out

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During the pandemic of Corona Virus inhabited almost every country in the world, about 57% of customers purchasing products from their nearby local business. Many of them even did it for the first time. Their main major factor in the decision of starting to buying products from their nearby local business was the availability of pandemic-friendly services that the local business has offered. Question is, how did these customers figure out and be known about which of their nearby local businesses had what exactly they needed?. the answer came up quite simple. Those customers have searched on Google about it. They searched locally on Google, and Google gives them lists of pages that came up with the results. and this is how Multi-Location local landing pages are more important than ever before.


Google’s Local Pack is key for local businesses to be found online.  Displayed above organic search results, Google’s Local Pack is highly visual in its inclusion of map location, star ratings, and more.  For information about businesses in a local area, you can go on Google draws on Google My Business (GMB) listings.  Google My Business (GMB) listings had details that become one of the most important factors in determining local pack rankings. If you want your services and businesses to appear on the top searches in the search engine when the customers put the keyword on it, then you need to make sure that your Google My Business profile is all set up and good.

Here’s how,

Optimizing Your GMB Listing

Optimizing your business’s GMB listing is quite simple. First thing first, you had to claim your services and or businesses profile. once you are done, then you need to fill in every section of the profile completely. You have to include the important stuff to fill in the information so your page could land on the top search. Include the business’s name, address, phone number, website, hours, category and attributes, and more. The more detailed information you wrote in your profile, the more the search engine has to latch onto. Finally, keep the listing updated.  Make it clear the business remains open and thriving with weekly posts, responses to reviews, or answers to questions from the public.

For a local business with a single location, try to optimize the GMB listing and put a link to their website for all that’s necessary for a good search result. When it comes to multi-location businesses, however, local landing pages (LLPs) should also be utilized. A Local Landing Pages is a standalone page on the web created for a specific business location. Having one allows business owners to link each landing page to a separate listing on GMB for even better search results. In terms of content, LLPs should include all their important information in the first 2 screenfuls, as that is where customers spend 74% of their time.  Links should be used strategically for a short sales funnel, and trust elements like security seals and company awards ought to be prominently displayed.

For an LLP headline, make sure that clarity, conciseness, and keyword are used for the headline. Because that is as important here as it is for other websites.  Behind the scenes, geolocation meta tags matching NAP and GMB can confirm the business is where it claims to be.  Other features that improve local search rankings include hyperlocal content, location photos, and location-specific social media profiles.

Localization Platform is A Key Asset

When you’re dealing with multiple locations in different languages, an on-demand localization platform is a key asset.

“Working with Fortune 500 companies, we know that Voice Localization is an essential ingredient for their global growth, and they can’t blend locally without it. Now, we’re even better poised to serve the increasing demand for video and audio localization, with the best technology and the most professional voice-over artists available. We look forward to serving GM Voices’ long-term customers and leading LSPs at the highest industry standard. This acquisition is the first of many that will help us fulfil all of our customers’ localization needs.”
– Yair Tal, CEO of BLEND.

Mobile-Friendly Feature is The Key

For all of your services and businesses websites, the mobile-friendly feature is gaining more importance lately. About 84% of local customer searches are made on mobile devices. the result came up that mobile-friendly websites are more likeable because a website unfriendly to mobile users is likely to frustrate customers. There are features that would improve a website’s mobile presence. those features are such as floating call to action buttons, click-to-call phone numbers, and mobile-friendly coupons.

Specifically, during this pandemic era, the trend of communicating safety procedures has become more important than ever and people start to get used to it. On both GMB and LLPs, listings should be updated to include what pandemic-friendly services are available when with easy communication for customers.

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