Top4 Strategies To Promote Your Local Business Using Facebook

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Potential customers use Facebook to discover new businesses, research them, receive ads and more. For the service and business owner, stay connected to their customers by sharing useful & relevant content to their followers become more important than ever in order to make their service and business more stand out than their competitors. In fact, there are more than 50 million small businesses using social media, such as Facebook, to connect with their customers.

Social media marketing to boost your traffic

This can prove that Facebook can be an excellent tool for driving more customers to your local business. If you do digital marketing for a small business, Facebook can be a great way to drive business to your store.

You still should have a website to virtually display your business, but social media can be a great way to show people what you sell or what solution you provide. Facebook should undoubtedly be one of your primary focus areas. It does not necessitate a significant investment on your part.

Here are some strategies to promote your local business on Facebook

1. Make Your Location Pages Clear

It’s about who you are and where you’re at.

Location pages allow you to display your Facebook presence, which is especially useful if you own services and businesses that have multiple locations.

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It’s a great way for your business to:

  • Find your business(es) faster.
  • Customize content based on a specific location.
  • Locations must be organized and managed.
  • Check-ins customized to a customer’s specific location.
  • Create ads that are specific to a specific location.

Locations is essentially a tab that a Facebook page can obtain and is relatively simple to set up. Just make sure you’re an admin to make your setup go faster.

2. Use Facebook to Share Local Promotions for Local Marketing

Facebook is an excellent way to increase brand visibility. Facebook’s demographic and geographical/location targeting is fantastic for displaying your message to your ideal consumer.

Depending on your objectives, Facebook has the right type of ad that can help you reach your business goals. It can help you to do a mix of campaigns to help drive leads, grow your business community, and increase more customer’s engagement.

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The different goals will require different content. If you have a new business location and your new business location page has been set up, then your goal will be to increase your community to that new location, as gaining more likes will allow the people you’re trying to reach to see the content you’re displaying. Don’t forget to add the “Calls-To-Action” button too. “Calls-To-Action” button that these ads have, are such as “Get Directions” or “Call Now” or “Book Now”. This button makes customers contacted your business easily and quick.

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Highlighting not only the info of services that your business offer, but also the promotions and products photos and also focusing on the specific area of location will drive traffic to your business location.

3. Events and Promotions

Events and promotions are another great way to level up your business page. Add events and promotions can bring more attention and engagement to your business page.

You can promote your event on Facebook in a variety of ways, including posting photos or videos to the event page, inviting people, and controlling who sees or can join the event. Facebook has increased its flexibility and options significantly.

You can even actually publicize your event. Event advertisements help spread the word about your event, whatever it may be. The goal of advertising your events is to increase RSVPs, ticket sales, and overall event awareness. It is generally well worth it and will allow you to significantly increase attendance.

You can add posts about your latest menu item or “Today’s Specials” if you’re a restaurant, cafe or bakeries, to promote your new menu so customers get updated about the newest info about your service and business.

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4. Facebook Live/Videos

Video content has become one of the most viewed content nowadays. People really like video content, especially Facebook. Facebook Live videos receive three times the engagement of regular videos shared on the platform.

Ginger Olive content for social media post

Creating both regular and Facebook Live content will undoubtedly draw attention to your location.

Facebook photo gallery for your business profile

Here are some great ideas you could develop video content around:

  • If you own a restaurant, cafe or bakeries business, based on your new menu, make a video introducing a new menu.
  • If you own a clothing store, make a quick video highlighting all of the new items you have in stock.
  • Take a video tour of your store
  • Introduce your employees so people can get familiar with the brand and the people behind it.
  • Share and info all the sales and newest promotions
  • Share useful content related to your brand. For example, if you own a clothing boutique, create a video tutorial on how to style an outfit, how to care for certain clothes, or how to wear a specific accessory
  • Share do-it-yourself projects related to your business

Video content for facebook

Now you have some tips on how to promote your local business on Facebook. Use them to start driving more business to your business.


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