Top4 Tips for Your Galleries Features to Boost Your Local Business

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In our previous post about how the current situation changes the marketing situation, we explain about The Old High street that becomes The New High Street.

It was a situation where people who get used to going off-site to purchase service and find businesses to the situation where those people begin to upgrade their activity to a new level known as being mobile and digital. They begin to consider how they will search and purchase their required products or services and businesses through online platforms. This occurs in almost every industry, whether it is food and beverage services, such as restaurants, cafes, and bakeries, or any other industry.

This situation makes digital marketing is more important than ever.

In our post about What is Top4 and What We Do in Digital Marketing, we introducing Top4 as a digital marketing agency with a focus on building strong brands that generate lasting revenue and customer loyalty with more than 20 years of experience and our Unique Location-Based Marketing Platform. We manage your entire digital marketing and social media presence, with a focus on localizing content, managing online reviews, and reputation management, as well as for multi-location businesses and franchises.

Top4 - Everything integrated in one technology

Whether you have one or 100 locations, we can manage them all for you with our platform.  The platforms manage to handle digital marketing from one dashboard for service and business owners to reach more local customers. In the platform, everything is integrated into one technology. Major social media, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, Google My Business, Youtube and others are integrated into one platform.

Ideal Bathroom Centre business profile on Top4

What makes Top4 unique in this space is it’s an interactive directory incorporating smart digital marketing features for businesses to promote themselves more effectively. Businesses can sign in to Top4 through multiple platforms, create listings in Top4 Advert and generate leads. Top4 provides a valuable marketing platform that drives website traffic, sales and growth for local businesses with the latest in digital marketing techniques.

In this post, we’ll tell you features in Top4 Advert that can help you boost your local business online marketing strategies. One of those features is the Galleries feature.

When you visit your Top4 advertisement website, you will notice a number of features that we have created to assist you in growing your local businesses.

The first feature you see is The Overview feature. The Overview feature provides your reader with a description of who you (your business) are and what you offer as well as the basic background information about your service and business. The customers need to know the basic information about your business for them to buy a product from you.

The Galleries Feature to Show What You’re Selling

Aside from focusing on the basic information about your service and business, we also have Galleries Feature.

Top4's feature

Top4 Galleries Feature showcase the products that your service and business sell. Add your real photos of your businesses to increase exposure to potential customers. They need to know what you are selling. Capture and we’ll upload the best photos of your products to attract more customer’s engagement.

Goloden Crust's gallery on Top4

Display Your Business Around and Introduce Your Team

Besides displaying your products or what you’re selling, the Top4 Galleries feature also can show photos of your interior or what is inside your service and business office. This really works if you own a restaurant, cafe or bakeries. Sharing photos of your restaurant, cafe or bakeries and its features inside, such as kids area, bar venue or any games you offer when people do dine-in could help attract your potential customers.

Jabiru Nundah business profile on Top4

We can also customise your service and business Top4 Galleries feature to introduce your team. This work best for any service and business, such as restaurant and cafe, mechanical service, Physiotherapist service and many more. We upload the best photo of your crew and let your customers know who served them.

Promote Your Campaign

We can also use the Galleries feature to promote what you do. You do campaigns, fundraising or any local promotions, we can show it in your Top4 advert website galleries feature as well. Upload the photos of your activity and let your potential customers know what you do.

Jabiru Nundah Gallery on Top4

Share Related Information

You can also provide some information related to the service and business that you offer. This information works best for potential customers who wanted to know the detail of your service and business. The more you upload related information, the more potential customers are aware of your online presence.

Sydney Breast Associates business profile on Top4

It might seem like a lot of things to do, but it is really worth the time as your page will increasing in online presence and therefore the potential customers can find you easily.

Show your clients and customers what you have to offer so they can easily know what to do with your service and business. Need help?. Contact our team in Top4 and let us do the job to manage your online marketing campaign so your service and business could drove engagement and business leads!

Top4 Galleries Features


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