Credibility Factors that Influence Your Business Website

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If you do digital marketing for a small business, having a website to virtually display your business is ideally how you do it. Whether referred by word of mouth or found through a Google search, chances are every new customer is going to visit your business website at some point in the buying cycle.

Business website

While the confident ones might just visit your website to grab your phone number, others might want to scour every page of the website, weighing a list of pros and cons between you and a competitor.

Among the factors that selective customers will consider are what is called trust signals. These are indicators that your business is credible, you “are who you say you are,” and you have a proven track record.

Surely having reassuring trust symbols is not as simple as claiming “we are legit, trust us,” on your homepage. Among what customers want to know are that you are real, you are competent, and you will be accountable if the transaction doesn’t go according to plan.

Below are some of the credibility factors that influence business websites.


If you have the budget, arrange for a professional photoshoot of you and your staff. The human factor is the strongest trust symbol there is. So it’s a surefire way to help put a face to a name.

In addition to your team photography, consider custom photography for a gallery or before & after pics. This could demonstrate the quality of your work  This applies whether you own a landscaping company or a cupcake shop.

About Us Page

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The more unique details you can add about yourself or your company, the better. Write an about us page that comes from the heart. Why did you get into this business? Why are you passionate about it to this day? If possible, add staff bio & photos as well to further add the human factor.

Contact Us Page

As it’s how potential customers will get in touch with you, this might be the single most important page on your website. At the very least, you should have a phone number and address for your physical store.

Contact Us page

You might want to add an embedded map (if you have a storefront or office), opening hours, and any other key details to further rase your trust signals game.


This is the next most important consideration, if for no other reason than self-qualification. If this is not applicable in your industry, consider something like “starting from…”. This gives customers a ballpark range and help them understand if they’re a good fit.

However, make sure that the pricing is up to date if you are going to include it. Inaccurate pricing can be worse than not having it at all.

Social Media Links

news letter

Link to only active social media accounts. If you have a Facebook page that hasn’t been updated since 2015, it might be better leaving that off. Also make sure that any key company details (such as hours, pricing etc.) are consistent across all platforms to avoid confusion or frustration.

Testimonials or Reviews

One thing closely related to credibility factors is the concept of social proof. People are willing to buy a product or service because others have as well.

Testimonials or reviews page

Include testimonials from satisfied customers – again, the more detail/specific, the better. A five-star review that says “great service” has value, but a review along with detailed personal experience is such valuable content.

Testimonials with detailed personal experience

Certifications, Memberships, and Awards

From listing your professional designations on your Bio/About Me page, or including logos of certifications and memberships on your homepage, showing off your qualifications is a great way to score a credibility factor. This is especially true for ones that your competitors don’t have.

As-seen-in features, such as a story in the local paper or a segment on national television, also count in this same factor.

Unique Value Propositions

Be sure to include any unique value propositions on your website. Maybe you have initiatives where you recycle unused parts or special financing programs. Differentiating factors can help you secure the business.

Similarly, having boilerplate legal terms like Terms & Conditions and a Privacy Policy linked on your website can help convince potential customers that you are well-managed.

Special offers and promos can also fall into this category if they help increase the trust in your product or service.


Credibility shows potential customers you’re safe and trustworthy. It’s impossible to generate more leads, sell more products, or attract more visitors without it.

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Testimonials with detailed personal experience

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