7 Content Types to Improve Your Local SEO

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Ranking for local SEO used to be pretty simple. But these days adding your NAP to the footer and building a few local directory links would no longer cut it.

You need content to move up the ranks in local SEO.

Create useful, meaningful content

Say you own a local pizzeria. It’s difficult to compete with big chains for keywords like “best pizzas”. You may have a shot to rank, however, for a phrase like “best pizzas in Surabaya”.

To rank for less competitive, local keywords, you need to produce content.  One case study saw a whopping 369 per cent increase in social media engagements for a local pastry and bakery in Surabaya because we helped develop their local content.

But not so fast.

Producing mere content, even if they’re unique, is not enough. You have to be local. What this means is you need to create relevant and useful content. Any piece of content on your website should have a reason to be there.

Read on below to find out what types of content that will help your local SEO.

1. Separate Landing Page for Each Location

Is it possible to rank for local keywords without a location webpage?

Maybe, but it’ll take you a few sleepless nights. The real answer is that it’s much easier to rank in local SERPs if you have a location webpage.

Setting up separate landing page for each location

If you own a multi-location business, create a separate page for each location.

You could create location-specific web pages if you’d like to step up your game even further.

But keep in mind that building separate websites for each location is overwhelming if you’re a smaller local business. It may even dilute your authority.

Keeping it simple with one page per location may be your best bet.

2. Regional Landing Page

If creating multiple location pages seems too intimidating, start with the city or region of your locations.

Before building these state location pages, though, it may be wise to do a deep dive into buyer personas to research your audience.

It may not only increase your organic traffic, but could also improve conversions.

3. FAQ Pages

FAQ pages are almost like one-stop shop for everything local SEO content.

Voice search is changing the way people search these days. And the industry is noticing a shift in how people consume content.

FAQ pages as a search result

It’s worthy to note that nearly a third of mobile searches are about locations.

Optimized FAQ pages can be a featured snippet on a regular Google search.

4. Specials

If you’re a local business owner, you’d know that specials and discounts are your crème de la crème.

In this day and age of smart shopping, everyone is a compulsive couponer.

Specials content

Personalize specials to local residents by giving what your customers want. This way you’re appealing to your local audience by offering a location-specific discount. In other words, you’re making them feel special.

Don’t be intimidated by small discounts. The race to the top of local SERPs is a tight one. No discount is too small.

5. Host Local Events

People dig through social media to see what’s happening this weekend. There’s always a festival, free demo cooking, or some charity going on.

It’s great that local businesses use social media like Facebook events to drive awareness. But they often leave out the announcements on their websites.

If you host a local event but don’t promote it on your website, you’re missing out on some serious local SEO juice.

If hosting events doesn’t work for your business, fret not. Keep scrolling for your next options.

6. Blog Content

We cannot put more emphasis on maintaining active blogs as an effective way to improve rankings. Easy and effective, t’s where the magic happens!

sahan resturant business profile on top4

But what to write? Below are some ideas to get you started:

  • How-to guides

With “how-to” content, you build a guide that gives your readers whatever they like about a topic.

Blog 'how-to'content

  • Products announcements

Sea Lounge shares articles to build consumer curiosity about its menu.

Blog about product information

  • Laws

JCL Legal answers questions on the family court in Australia.

Blog about law-related question - JCL Legal

7. Press Pages

Press pages, we all know it’s there. But let’s be honest, how many of us actually pay attention?

Press content

Press pages can simply feature images of each business location you have.

Or you can partner with the press on a press release.

Start Creating Local Content Now

Times are changing. NAP and directory links are no longer enough. If you want people to find your local business online and visit your physical store, then content is key.

Create hyperlocal contents to grow revenue and your business.

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