Top4 Steps to Improve Online Marketing for Franchises

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Local SEO for multi-location business and franchises need online audience of customers more than anything. One rule of thumb is to maintain consistent online approaches for each business location. Adopting different online approaches for each business location could confuse customers and eventually drive them to go away.

Improving online marketing for franchises

Below we lay out your local SEO guide for multi-location businesses or franchises.

1. Brand the Main Pages

The analogy is like a house needing a stable foundation. Franchises and multi-location businesses likewise need a consistent central brand. One simple way to give credit to the brand is to concentrate on branding the main pages on the website. These include the homepage, the “about us” page, and the “products and services” page.

These pages should feature the best brand content on the website. This is because they are static pages, so they will most likely attract the most visitors.

2. Maintain Consistent, Relevant Blogs

Maintain consistent, relevant blog

Another smart SEO strategy is to maintain an active blog focusing on your industry and your brand. This concerns search engines: Blogs mean consistent updates to your website and content that matters to your customers. And search engines love these!

3. Build Online Reputation

Build online authority by going social

Build authority for your brand by creating and updating social profiles for your main brand. Note that franchisees still should create their own individual pages. What this means is that you should own the brand and its voice by being active on social media.

4. Separate Pages for Each Franchise

The main brand has received a fair amount of attention, great. Now it’s time to have each franchise its own location landing page on the website.

While this may seem like a lot, going that extra mile to create separate location pages allows search engines to better understand the different locations in specific geographic areas. And don’t worry, these pages come with a marketing bonus: They provide users with information on the unique services and products offered at each location.

Different NAPs for each location

Ultimately, though, consistency is key. Make sure to keep the business name, the business category, and logo the same for all franchises. Use different addresses and phone numbers for each location. This way Google and your online customers can differentiate which is which.

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