Top4 Products Feature to Advertise Your Best-Selling Products

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Top4 Marketing understands how important local marketing has become for many businesses, particularly local restaurants, especially during the pandemic. Local restaurants will have to rely on takeaways, home delivery, and online ordering as there will be few to no visitors.

That is all the more reason why a restaurant’s information – particularly the menu, pricing, and contact information – must be updated.

Using our unique location-based marketing platform Top4, restaurant owners can manage their business profiles with ease. They can also ensure all information is always up-to-date for potential customers who may come across them.

As we mention in our earlier posts, what makes Top4 unique is that it’s an interactive directory incorporating smart digital marketing features. This way businesses can promote themselves more effectively. Businesses can sign in to multiple platforms through Top4, create listings in Top4 Advert, and generate leads. We help drive website traffic, sales, and growth for local businesses. With state-of-the-art techniques in digital marketing, Top4 provides a valuable marketing platform.

Top4 - Everything integrated in one technology

Top4 Advert provides a number of features you can use to boost your business online marketing strategies and drive more customers’ engagement.

We’ve covered the Top4 Promotions feature before, so today we’ll tell you how the Top4 Products feature helps promote the products and services you offer.

Ideal Bathroom Centre Hornsby

Help Your Products Stand Out

Did you know that you can add and sell your products directly from your Top4 advert? Furthermore, as a customer, you can also buy products from your favourite local businesses through Top4. This is what the Top4 Products feature is for.

Top4 Products feature

Not only can you find the best products from local businesses on the Top4 Products feature, but you can also filter them by category.

Top4 Products feature-2

Detailed Information for Your Products

Top4 Products feature provides detailed information about the products that your business has to offer.

Detailed product information on Top4 Products feature

Top4 Products feature can easily help you add your products’ information when you launch new products. Our Products feature is able to deliver the best ways to show lists of products from our clients. You only need to add photos of your services and products and promote them on Top4 Advert, and we’ll help you increase your customers’ engagement.

Directly Process Purchases

If you’re a customer purchasing products from your favourite local business on Top4 Advert, simply click on the Add to Quote button when you’ve decided which products you’d like to buy. Doing so will directly contact the business and process the purchase. Easy, right?

Add to Quote button to buy from Top4 Products feature

Or you can just click on the image or the headline, and the Top4 Products feature will immediately direct you to the product’s detail. Click on the Buy Now button to process your purchase.

Buy Now button on Top4 Products feature

Reviews and Ratings

The Products feature in the Top4 Advert also links to the review page. Reviews can also be a powerful marketing tool to persuade potential customers to make a purchase.

Obviously, customers would prefer to buy from a business that receives mostly, if not exclusively, positive feedbacks.

Review page linked from Top4 Products feature

Top4 will give you genuine and verified reviews from other locals just like you! The team monitors and manages all of the reviews. As a result, we’ll keep those spammy negative reviews away from your business. Potential customers will be able to see all of your reviews once you’ve added your business to Top4.

Needless to say, this increases their chances of buying from you or doing business with you!


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