Top4 Ways to Make Your Business Stand Out from Competitors

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Local businesses to win big as consumers realise the benefits of shopping locally

In the digital world that we live in today, your consumers can’t help but shop around. Evidence by McKinsey Quarterly shows that 58% of consumers are not brand loyal. That means you are constantly in competition for your customer’s dollar. In today’s competitive market, you’ve got to stand out in order to succeed. Here are the Top4 tips to help you stand out from your competitors.

1. Raise your customer service game

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Competition in business today is as fierce as ever. In today’s competitive market you can’t afford to lose customers over poor service. In fact, 33% of consumers say they will take their business elsewhere after a single bad experience with a company.  What’s more, 76% of consumers consider customer service to be a true test of a company’s adequacy. Excellent customer service needs to be at the core of your company’s focus.

According to a 2017 survey by Talend, 57% of respondents listed “unaddressed negative reviews” as the top reason to part ways with a brand. If you fail to give perfect in-person customer service, you must attempt to resolve the issue by responding to a customer’s negative reviews. Monitoring and responding to both negative and positive reviews is essential for customer retention. Studies show customers are 14% more likely to return to a business that responded to their feedback.

Online reviews are also detrimental to consumers’ decision factors before they decide to buy. If your customer service strategy doesn’t include review management, you could be losing customers to competitors before they even get a chance to experience your product or service.

The fully-featured Review module on our platform Top4 makes it a breeze to get more reviews. Take control of your own online reputations by managing reviews you’ve received outside of Top4 – such as customers’ testimonials, emails, your website and other webtool platforms. Organise them all in one place on your Top4 business profile.

Reviews and testimonials from your customers help your local SEO efforts

2. Create a brand that stands out

First impressions of a brand are formed within the first 10 seconds. That’s why it’s so important to get your branding right. When it comes to recognition, you’ve got to stand out from your competitors. Take Starbucks, for example. The largest coffee chain in the world uses a mermaid for its logo. What does a mermaid have to do with coffee? Nothing. But it differentiates their brand from competitors.

Another key factor in branding is colour. Colour increases brand recognition by 80%. Sticking with consistent branding colour and font will help to improve brand recognition. Think of McDonald’s golden arches or Coca Cola’s vibrant red. When 90% of purchasing decisions are made subconsciously, brand recognition matters.

Photos can further capture customers’ attention and interest in your brand. Top4 Galleries feature allows you to showcase the products that your service and business sell. Add your real photos of your businesses to increase exposure to potential customers.

The Golden Crust Pizza business profile

As far as branding is concerned, one way to stand out from your competitors is by doing better than them. As much as 92% of consumers say when a company supports a social or environmental cause, their image of that company is more positive than those who don’t give back. Giving back to your community is a great way to show your customers their money is being well spent.

The key here is finding a cause that fits your brand. Just because you love dogs, doesn’t mean supporting an animal shelter is right for you. Find a cause that fits your brand and your customers well. 64% of consumers say that “shared values” are the main reason they trust a brand. Find those shared values and optimise them.

So get banners flying, fundraise for new equipment or offer a special deal on the day. One of the ways you can show that you’re getting involved with the local community is through the Galleries feature on your Top4 microsite.

Jabiru Nundah business profile on top4

3. Maintain a strong online presence

Build online authority by going social

When was the last time you searched for a local business on Google? That’s right. We seem to struggle to recall when wasn’t the last time we turned to the Internet to find products or services. In fact, 97% of consumers find local businesses online first. Because of this, building a strong online presence is essential to your company’s success. We have a ton of information on our blog about how to improve your online presence. So we’ll keep this short: if you have a weak online presence, you’re losing.

To build a strong digital presence, your brand needs to focus on certain areas. We’ve summarised the main ones for you below:

4. Encourage customer loyalty through reward programs

Consumers spend 66% more on brands they are loyal to. So how do you keep a loyal customer? Why, by rewarding them of course! 83% of customers say loyalty programs make them more likely to keep doing business with a company. Let’s go back to that Starbucks example. They may not have the best coffee out there — in fact, your local coffee shop may even taste a lot better. But the Starbucks rewards program keeps people coming back. From points on every dollar spent, free drinks and refills, an easy to use mobile app and many other perks — they are making it hard for people to take their money elsewhere.

Why reward customers who already spend money at your local business? A loyal customer is 17 times more likely to recommend your company to family and friends. We all want new customers but the reality is keeping your current customers has a greater ROI. Existing customers already know and trust your business. This means you don’t have to spend as much on marketing efforts to get them to buy. Why not reward them instead?

Specials and upsells are another effective way to increase customer satisfaction. Encourage your staff to tell customers about weekly specials and any upsells that go with their orders. If the fish and chips are special, let them know that ginger beer is a popular pairing! You can also do this through a digital menu on your Top4 business profile, website by highlighting any specials and pairing suggestions.

Add separate menu item and section for special offer like birthdays

Advertise your specials, reward programs and promotions through your website and social media channels for maximum exposure. And of course, don’t forget to maximise the use of our Promotions feature on your Top4 microsite!

Golden Crust Pizza business profile

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