Local SEO Tips to Scale Your Businesses in Jakarta, Surabaya, Bali or Sydney Australia

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Local Seo for Digital marketiing

Search engine optimisation is critical for a company’s digital marketing strategy. It helps you derive the maximum value from your company’s online presence. It improves your visibility, boosts your search result rankings and supports a broader audience to discover your business.

But here’s the thing: In today’s continuously changing business world, generic SEO isn’t enough for a company to succeed. The necessity of a robust general SEO strategy hasn’t decreased but it needs to be accompanied by an equally strong marketing strategy for local SEO.

The goal of modern digital marketing isn’t only to reach the most people or get the most significant traffic. It’s also about giving your customers a better customer experience than what your competitors have to offer. Tailoring the experience you provide to your customer’s requirements is what will help you to grow. And guess what? local SEO is a big part of that!

We’ll look into local SEO in more detail and provide some helpful hints to help you expand your business. Let’s cut to the chase and get started.

What is local SEO?

Unlike a generic SEO approach, which focuses on a large geographic area, local SEO focuses on a specific geographic place or region. When properly implemented, a local SEO strategy helps nearby customers find your business.

Local SEO is especially beneficial for businesses that have physical locations and wish to increase foot traffic while raising local awareness. But even if they don’t have a physical location, businesses that want to expand their consumer base in a particular area can profit from local SEO, too.

Local marketing efforts matter
Local SEO tips for businesses in Jakarta, Surabaya, Bali or Sydney Australia

Hiring agencies offering SEO services in your cities such as Jakarta, Surabaya, Bali or Sydney Australia might be the easiest move.  But as a business owner, you need to at least know some basic local SEO tips that can benefit your business. Our web experts have shared some of them in such a way that even people who never even heard about SEO can understand.

1. Optimise your Google Business Profile (Formerly GMB)

Your Google Business Profile (previously called Google My Business) should already be optimised and regularly updated. This should be the first item on your local SEO to-do list if it isn’t already.

Consumers and companies alike can benefit greatly from GBP listings. They give essential information about a company in a convenient manner, allowing consumers to evaluate whether it is worth their time and money. Businesses can also use these listings to convey precise information to their target population. Most importantly, they prominently show customer reviews to help in the decision-making process for new consumers.

Google, fortunately, makes things easy for small company owners. Begin by creating a Google Business account and search Google Maps for your company. Claim your business by clicking “Claim This Business” and follow the simple instructions provided to further optimise your GBP listing.

GBP listing for business

2. Separate location pages on your website

If your business has more than one physical location, it’s better to have separate pages for each location on your website. This could further boost your local SEO.

But you need to be aware of similar content for each location. Google’s algorithms are more intelligent than that. You’ll need to make sure each page provides some value to the current and potential customers in that location.

Add more than just the address and phone number to each location page for best results. Just some ideas to get you started:

– A map for each area
– Nearest parking area
– Local news and other relevant information.

Lastly, optimise your location pages. And don’t forget to emphasise local keywords throughout.

3. Consistent, up-to-date information

getting your local business on the first page

Important information about your business such as your company’s name, address and contact number should remain consistent, regardless of the platform. Doing this directs the most relevant traffic your way and minimises any confusion on your customers’ part.

Somehow, it sounds easier than done. But over the course of two decades of our experience, we have found some common rookie mistakes. Here are some you need to avoid:

– Using the complete business name on one platform and an abbreviated version on another.
– Neglecting missing details in directories, listings and webpages.
– Providing different numbers for different platform

You can fix those mistakes by doing one simple thing. Search your business and ensure that all information of your businesses has the same name and contact information. In case it’s impossible to edit the information yourself, contact the site and request to do it on your behalf.

4. Localise your content

Business website

It may sound obvious but creating local content might be the most important and impactful component of a local SEO strategy. Local content helps people and search engines easily know where your location is. The most important advantage of localising content is that it skyrockets your local search rankings.

Moreover, creating local content can highlight your knowledge of the area and your connection to the community. Combined with topics from your niche, this will help establish your brand as a trusted authority who knows what they’re talking about.

5. Local link-building

National or global SEO have the same strategy as building local links. When high domain authority local websites link to your business website, this will enhance your website reputation from Google’s perspective. Basically, if your website is trusted or has a good reputation by search engines,  you can expect to gain relevant traffic in higher numbers.

In addition, your building local link efforts will develop your presence in your targeted range. Thus, you can collaborate with other small business owners, create guest posts for local businesses, and work with them on online and real-world campaigns.

How we can help

top4 ways to develops your marketing plan

Maximising your local SEO can boost your business to get a better result. Apply these tips to start fine-tuning your local SEO strategy and work with your professional digital marketing service. But local SEO is only one way to optimise your digital marketing. You still need to create local content, manage the website, add advertisements, optimise Google Business Profile and the list goes on!

We understand that running a local business is a full-time job on its own. So why not focus on running your business and let the experts handle the SEO strategies on your behalf? Top4 Marketing is your dedicated marketing and technical team. Based in Australia and Indonesia, we are a full-service digital marketing agency that has worked with some of the biggest companies in Jakarta, Surabaya, Bali and Sydney, Australia. We set ourselves apart from other agencies in delivering meaningful results with our very own unique geolocation marketing platform, Top4. Built for you by experts, our proprietary technology makes it easy to start and run your business.

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