Location-Based Marketing to Get More Customers to Your Door

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As many as 6.3 billion users are estimated to carry smartphones this year. The number will only increase in the future years. We’re giving you this graphical representation to get a better idea.

Graphical representation of how many users carry smartphones in the future

To remain competitive, business owners must begin concentrating their marketing efforts to reach mobile audiences that are evidently growing. This means business owners need to focus on maximising location-based marketing or geomarketing. If you run a brick-and-mortar business, location-based marketing can help your customers find you and boost your return in marketing strategies.

But, what exactly is location-based marketing?

What is location-based marketing?

Location-based marketing uses geographic data in marketing strategies to deliver notifications and messages related to the audiences’ geographical locations.

Local marketing efforts matter

Mobile and web users may share their location data while communicating with businesses. But IP addresses, GPS technologies and even cell phone towers can all detect precise, physical locations.

Our web experts have shared some methods below to efficiently drive customers to visit your physical stores.

1. Identify your audience

One of the most common blunders made by inexperienced marketers is drawing a large audience without considering budget constraints and ROI. The smart thing to do would be to focus on reaching out to customers who are already interested in your business and range of products. Therefore, investing in marketing services becomes increasingly crucial by carefully analysing the target customer for your business.

As a start, your location-based marketing strategies should start with questions like ‘who is your target for your business?’ and ‘what forms of ad campaigns resonate with their taste and liking?’. By asking these kinds of questions, you should be able to gather some customer data, preferences and purchasing behaviours. These are worthwhile data to get the most out of your location marketing efforts.

2. Leverage geofencing

Types of content to help your local SEO

Geofencing is one of the most effective location-based marketing technologies available in the market. But let’s get things straight first. It’s important to understand that geofencing isn’t primarily the same concept as location-based marketing.

Location-based marketing is the process of targeting an audience within a specific physical location based on geographical factors. Meanwhile, geofencing defines those physical areas virtually without a physical or tangible demarcation. Think of it as an invisible fence.

Geofencing marketing can be an effective method of gathering client data and determining their geographical location. Its effectiveness lies in the ability to obtain consumers’ IP addresses using this marketing strategy.

3. Emphasise on offering irresistible ads 

Overall, a marketing campaign plan can only be as profitable as your ads campaigns. It’s not enough to just place advertisements on relevant platforms to get clients to use your service or buy your products. For clients to be interested in your moves, it must be both hard-hitting and value-adding. Successful marketing campaigns rely heavily on timing and incentives.

For example, when you stroll around at your local mall, you are presented with a banner appearing on your mobile device about your favourite shopping app. It turns out that the store near you have a promotional sale campaign for the next two hours. Considering the time-sensitive factor, your prospective customer will visit the store to shop for something at a 50% discount.

To enhance sales at its retail locations, American Eagle used statistics on foot traffic. Customers were served alerts by approaching a geofence at mall parking places. And what was the outcome? Conversions have risen three times.

Business website for digital marketing

Do not overlook these simple factors that make a product irresistible to a large number of customers. In fact, ‘FOMO’ and a fantastic discount are frequently too good to pass.

4. Don’t ignore your loyal customers

When planning a marketing strategy, don’t overlook the necessity of catering to your existing consumer base. Targeting existing consumers is far easier and less expensive than reaching out to new audiences after all.

Furthermore, offering discounts and valuable vouchers through geo-targeted advertisements is an excellent approach to lure returning clients who previously purchased from your website.

5. Define your parameters

Location-based marketing provides a lot of customising options. In certain circumstances, businesses may target potential clients within a suburb, a kilometre or even an entire city. When strategising for new campaigns, you can mix and match among any of these digital frameworks to explore the potential of location-based marketing.

Setting up separate landing page for each location

For example, targeting a small area may only expose your company to a few people. However, because that local audience is closer to your actual retail location, they may be more interested in your business than people who are travelling from afar.

6. Localise your content

Curating content is critical for businesses to establish outreach among local clients. The following strategies must be implemented on the business’ websites.

This would make it easier to adapt to a variety of location-based marketing strategies. These strategies would use possibilities to construct local landing pages as destinations for customers in specified places, in addition to Facebook geotargeting or AdWords geotargeting.

Final takeaways

Top4 marketing for Digital Marketing Service

When it comes to determining the locations of your potential clients, a location-based marketing strategy can give quick answers to the “where” question. Top4 is a unique, location-based marketing platform that can drive more traffic to your website. Top4’s Service Area feature is designed to deliver to your target market using geographic, categorical and demographic targeting. This means your business will be found in the very suburbs your potential customers are searching.

Nevertheless, whether or not you implement geo-targeted advertisements, great content remains an equally important aspect of a marketing campaign. In addition to the Service Area feature, Top4 comes with other amazing features to raise your content marketing game. With our Article Post module, you can maintain an engaging and unique blog to further improve your rankings. But the content you provide has to be relevant and useful for your prospects and customers. In addition to helping you rank better, maintaining an active blog will create higher brand recall.

Top4 Where local people find local business

Blog posts are not the only content you can post on Top4. In addition to the Article Post module, Top4 has a feature that lets business owners share promotions and discounts. With our Promotions feature, you can easily add specials when you launch a new product or offer any product discounts to your current and potential customers.

Golden Crust Pizza baulkham hills - Top4 digital marketing


This feature can also be handy when you want to make announcements about your local business, like reopening schedules or in-person appointments post lockdowns.

Finally, Top4 has one final feature as far as content goes, i.e. the Products feature. That’s right. You can add and sell your products directly from your Top4 business profile. Add detailed information about your products to help your customers understand what your business has to offer, from the product name, category, photos, description, etc.

Top4 Marketing for local market

By combining both strategies, businesses can attract a lot more searches and interested searchers to serve their line of products and services. As a result, this location-based marketing strategy will give a lot more engagement, satisfaction and ultimately conversions among customers.

Maximise your digital marketing strategy like an expert by joining Top4 today. With our own unique, proprietary location-based marketing technology, we set ourselves apart from other companies to produce real results.

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