Some Marketing Ideas for Local Businesses This Holiday Season

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Stay competitive in this holiday season

Although Small Business Saturday has passed, local businesses still have opportunities to capture customers’ dollars over the holiday season. There are many possibilities to market your business for the holiday season, whether you’re a retailer, restaurateur or own a service business like a hair salon. Our web experts have put together some suggestions to help you get started.

1. Engage with your customers

Make use of direct mails. During the holidays, most consumers are inundated with advertising emails. Use direct mail to set yourself out from the competition. Postcards might help you save money. You can also offer gift cards, such as a $15 off $75 purchase card, which generally motivates customers better than X% off coupons.

In addition to direct mails, reach out to your last year’s customers. During last year holiday season, who did you sell to? Use email marketing campaigns, special offers or direct mails to reach out to them. This is an excellent strategy for service organisations that sell services that are required on an annual basis, such as carpet cleaning or HVAC maintenance.

If your business is particularly neighbourhood-oriented like a restaurant that offers delivery service, you can raise awareness among your target clients by distributing door hangers. When they used your last year’s free items or visited your store last year, they may recognise your business upon receiving your door hangers and try to visit you again this year.

2. Team up with a local business

Collaborate with another local business to offer discounts to customers who present a receipt from your partner store (and vice versa). You can make it a complementary business (like a toy store and a children’s apparel boutique) or simply rely on proximity to form a partnership (such as a restaurant that is located near your store).

partnering with local digital marketing

Furthermore, you can create an event with other local businesses holiday shopping events, like a sidewalk sale. To increase foot traffic, restaurants can sell little portions of their menu items.

3. Lighten up the holiday mood

Make your store more entertaining by organising a contest or a raffle. This is an excellent approach to engage customers in your business while also increasing foot traffic.

Take it a step further than holiday decoration to lighten up the holiday mood by inviting musicians, storytellers, face painters or magicians to perform—whatever makes sense for your business. To further attract passersby, advertise the performance online and with exterior signage.

And while you’re at it, why not make a photo op? Use your creativity when taking holiday photos with Santa! They’re not simply for children: Make time for your pets to be photographed as well. You don’t have enough space in your area for Santa photos? Partner up with other local businesses and your Chamber of Commerce and find a space nearby that can host Santa (and drive traffic to your businesses in the process).

4. Optimise your social media content

Make an effort to interact with potential customers with useful content. You can leverage social media to promote all of your sales and events. You can also give useful tips related to your business on social media. For instance, a retailer can distribute several gift guides (such as gifts for teachers, grandparents, boyfriends). A catering firm can give party planning and decoration ideas. A carpet cleaning company could advise on how to make house guest-ready (including, of course, cleaning the carpets).

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Teach your consumers how to do a holiday-themed activity. Holiday how-tos could include holiday crafts, a gift-wrapping clinic or cooking classes for a particular holiday cuisine.

5.  Offer a holiday season sale 

Make use of limited-time offers by holding special holiday hours. Everyone is shopping on a deadline during the holidays, whether it’s for Christmas, Hanukkah, or merely the day of a holiday party they’re intending to attend. Time-sensitive deals are extremely effective because of this.

Also keep in mind that you’re up against e-commerce businesses that are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If possible, extend your hours to accommodate as many customers as possible. Don’t forget to promote the extended holiday hours on your website and Top4 advert.

In addition to special hours, you can organise VIP events for your most loyal customers. Use your customer data to figure out who the big spenders are among your customers. Then host special events for them, such as an after-hours sale or a holiday season open house.

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You can also create unique holiday-themed offerings. For example, an automobile service business can provide a “Going to Grandma’s House” tune-up to get the car in shape before a long trip. On New Year’s Eve, a hair salon can advertise a “New Year’s Party Package” that includes cosmetics and hairstyling. This can also be a unique “12 Days of Christmas” or “Countdown to Christmas” promotion every day. For instance, each day you may offer a 50% discount on a different popular product or menu item, a different gift with purchase each day or a different percentage off the overall transaction.

6. Use socially responsible marketing

Make use of socially responsible marketing techniques. This can take various forms. For example, choose a local nonprofit organisation to help you this holiday season. You can donate a portion of sales from a single day to that charity or entire revenues from specific product purchases.

Consider the children. At least one charitable group in your neighbourhood distributes holiday gifts to underprivileged children. Encourage your consumers to take part by giving or donating goods they purchase at your store.

You can also sponsor or participate in community holiday events like a Christmas parade or a New Year’s Day fun run. You can donate money, goods, or your presence at the event, such as a restaurant providing refreshments during a parade.

7. Gift related offers for the holiday season

Gift related offers in holiday seasons

Encourage customers to give themselves gifts. When it comes to holiday shopping, the majority of people buy at least a few gifts for themselves. Take advantage of this tendency by offering deals like “buy one, get one free” or “buy one, get one for a buddy.”

Free giveaway gifts for customers who spend a particular amount are also a great idea. This is a great way to encourage customers to spend a little bit more than they otherwise would. You can also provide different gifts depending on the level of purchase, such as a modest gift for $50 and a larger one for $100.

You can also sell gift certificates or gift cards. Gift cards are consistently one of the most popular holiday gift choices. If your store doesn’t already sell them, you’re missing out on a major revenue opportunity. Place gift cards near the register and advertise them with signage throughout the store.


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