Some Tips to Drive More Customers for Local Businesses for the Year Ahead

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Many businesses that have leveraged digital marketing have been busy with the holiday season. No stone has been left unturned for many marketers, from reworking Google Ads targeting and social media campaigns to updating website promos and ramping up SMS texting. Except for one. The brick-and-mortar retail store is the backbone of every local business that keeps the economy running.

Killer Marketing Tips to healp your local business grow

It’s time for local businesses to shine and get the love they deserve with high-impact strategies that can start online but will have impacts on the physical retail space.

Our web experts share five strategies to help practically any small business make this year a lucrative one.

1. Optimise your Google Business Profile

Google would default its search results to the local locations first, regardless of where an audience searches. Sure, you will see top-tier name-brand websites pop up as well. But the results that take up the most real estate on our devices are Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business).

If you haven’t updated your Google Business Profile in a while, you are missing out on a slew of new features that can change from customers searching online to coming through your door. Local product listings, purchase and pickup options (more of that to come), direct messaging and in-person Covid precautions (like masking or temperature checks) can all be added to your GBP.

The almighty “product inclusion” is maybe the most interesting feature you can put to your business profile. Even a broad search for something like a “Craftsman Cordless Drill” can reveal what stores in the searcher area sell it, as well as current inventory levels. So while a prospect may have intended to purchase online, if they see that the drill is available at your location right around the corner — well, this might be enough to obtain yourself a new local customer.

2. Offer pickup and curbside service

As mentioned above, It’s better to add to your GBP listing and website and nurture outreach messaging to capture local customers. Most importantly, local customers want to ensure their gifts arrive in time for the holidays and other special events.

location-based marketing or usually called geomarketing for local business

The tendency to buy online and pick up in-store (BOPIS) has only increased since the pandemic. Even though it seems like a one-time action, more people are now using this option than ever before. Data shows that nearly 50% of shoppers have used BOPIS either before or during the pandemic, and an additional 20% intend to try or continue using BOPIS after the pandemic.

In a nutshell, it’s an interesting feature for local customers. What’s more, it saves both the retailer and the customer money on additional shipping charges, so it’s a win-win situation.

3. Leverage email list

Email blasts and newsletters are a low-cost strategy to reach out to existing customers who have already intrigued your local business.

Email Marketing Tips to Boost Sales for Your eCommerce Business

Attracting repeat customers should always be a priority for any business. However, you don’t have to send out promotions to every person in your database. Instead, segment your list and pinpoint your local customers. Then tailor your outreach to what matters most to them based on their previous purchases.

Offer “locals-only” deals, your open house or even a coupon code they can use in the physical store for a discount or freebies with purchase. There are endless options here, but give your past local customers an experience that only you can offer and they can experience.

Email marketing is the easiest strategy to implement, but if you are capable you can employ the same strategy with a direct SMS message is also a great option.

4. Organise your own ‘Black Friday’

People in the whole country have gone nuts for Black Friday! We understand that there are Black Friday offers, early Black Friday events and post-Black Friday Blowouts.

local business SEO to get more traffic

However, don’t feel obligated to put your local business in the Black Friday box. You can make your own promotional days and target your local market for branding purposes. You can advertise using any of the strategies mentioned above, or you can even create an event on your business’s social media page and share it with all of your followers for free. There is some local business owner who promotes a variety of “countdown to the holidays” shopping events to great effect.

Inform your customers that they can purchase the product at your event without shipping delays, at a time when all of you notice that there’s the possibility of your product shortages.

5. Provide free local delivery service

You perhaps have expected this. But, this one still works whether your local customers purchase at your physical store or online store.

When it comes to purchases, shipping fees are one of the most feared deal killers. If you can afford it, give free delivery to your local customers who spend money on higher-value items (furniture, big electronics, 12-foot rugs that we all want but never know how to bring home).

how to find and hire the right seo agency

There’s a lot of case for local retailers to team up with local moving businesses for the season to make this work. Sure, you’ll lose a little in revenues but the volume will be more than what you have lost. What’s more, the good graces that this above-and-beyond service will bring you in terms of customer appreciation. If you do this, ensure to follow up with a request for a Google review.

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