Social Media Content Ideas to Stop the Scroll

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People nowadays scroll through their social media news feeds at lightning speed. And social media marketing is all about making people stop to scroll and engage with your content.

Enter the stop the scroll. This social media strategy is simple, easy to remember and crucial to your social media success on every platform, whether you’re looking to raise brand awareness, attract new customers or launch a new service or product.

Content marketing to engage with audience


But how can you make the audience stop scrolling on social media and pay attention to what you’re trying to share? Our web experts have shared some ideas to create engaging social media content for your business.

The 3-2-1 content model

You can apply the 3-2-1 content model as your social media content every week. You can dedicate three pieces to industry-related content per week, two pieces to “proud” content (stuff that makes your employees and community feel good) and one piece of product or service-related content per week. Your team should be able to use this strategy effectively by having each person take turns filling their allocated slots for different types of posts so they’re not overloading anyone’s plate at any given time.

Headline is key

why you need content marketing

You cannot underestimate the importance of a headline. You only have a few seconds to grab your audience’s attention and establish a meaningful engagement opportunity. Therefore, when writing content, headlines and the first two lines of your social media posts like LinkedIn (which essentially function as headlines because of their greater exposure) are essential.

Share visual posts

It is important to use visuals on every post. Adding images to your posts on social media channels like LinkedIn can help you turn your boring text into compelling content that increases your visibility. Using pictures in a professional setting like this will make it easy for the readers’ eyes and brains to focus solely on what you are saying, making them more likely to remember it later or share it with their friends. Not only do they have an emotional impact but they also create context around what has been written. This in turn helps readers understand why certain things were said or done during particular time periods.

Leveraging Carousels

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Optimise your carousels to share your multiple contents. By using the carousels feature, you can post several visuals or documents in a single post. This means you can share more without uploading too many posts. These posts actually generate many engagements. You can share visually appealing PowerPoints and PDFs to your followers to help them learn more about your business’s offers. It’s important to note that you won’t be able to change or edit the content after the content is posted.

Use hashtags

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Hashtags are an essential part of your content marketing strategy. It helps your audience find posts with relevant topics. What this means is, even if someone does not “follow” you or your business account, using relevant hashtags can help them discover your content if they are interested in a particular topic.

Leverage owned media and softer side news

Hashtags about holidays and certain events can give consistent content throughout the year, allowing you to show off your employees and your business’ “human side.” There’s something to post about practically every day of the year, whether it’s Thanksgiving, Women’s History Month or National Pizza Day.

Incorporate videos

social media ideas to engage more audiences

Make video a part of your content strategy. Video has a 5x higher engagement rate than other forms of media. It allows you to bring complex subjects and other topics to life in a manner that the written word simply cannot. You need to keep the video short as our attention span is constantly decreasing and strive to make your content authentic. You can consider including promotional teasers from long webinars.

Reuse and repurpose content

Reusing and repurposing your content images, or even better videos, is an effective way to boost engagement. You can consider promoting your latest post in your teaser video. You also can change your post into a video listicle. 

Competitors research

Analysing your competitors’ content can help you make better content for your business. Furthermore, this will help you identify strategies that are working (and those that aren’t) for them and the whitespace that your business can fill.

Custom designs

Build online authority by going social media

Every social media post should have a custom image. A social media post accompanied by an intriguing image can help people stop scrolling. Visual posts with actual people perform better than those without. Particularly if you are the post’s subject or are promoting on behalf of your business. This attributes to the more “human” side of your brand.

Final takeaways

With a consistent stream of content being uploaded by the second across various social media channels, stopping scrolling can be difficult. That’s why these tips can actually help you make your audience stop and stare at your content.

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