Google’s New Shopping Experience Scorecard

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Google has emailed Google Merchant Center users about a new Shopping Experience Scorecard that will boost rankings on Google Shopping for merchants who provide outstanding customer service. It’s worthy to note, however, that this program is only available if you’re participating in Buy on Google or free listings in the US.

The Shopping Experience Scorecard, according to the email, will be based on metrics such as:

  • Delivery time
  • Shipping cost
  • Return cost
  • Return window

If you perform well on these metrics, Google claims that your listing could receive a ranking boost as well as a badge that improves user trust in buying from you. These are among other benefits that will make it easier for consumers to find you.

Moreover, according to Google’s statement, No penalties will be imposed if you don’t provide a certain level of customer service or if you don’t link all metrics to your Merchant Center.

The Google help document explains further, such as how this “program will monitor the experience you provide to customers in several areas, including shipping speed, shipping cost, return cost, and return window.” On each metric, the ratings range from “Excellent”, “Comparable”, “Opportunity.”

If you’d like to see your performance for each metric and your overall score, do the followings:

  1. Sign in to your Merchant Center account,
  2. Click Growth > Shopping experience scorecard from the navigation menu. 

If you want to earn a badge, you must do well in all of the relevant criteria when compared to other merchants. To ensure long-term performance, all metrics are calculated daily and have a lookback period.

More information can be found in that help document.

Here’s a snapshot of the email: 

If you are signed in to your Merchant Center account, you will see the following:

Final takeaways

As a merchant in Google Merchant Center, you can provide this level of “excellent” service to your customers. It might make sense to share these metrics with Google in order to improve your search visibility through Google Shopping. In their statement, Google mentioned that you will “not be penalized” if you don’t provide the data – so you shouldn’t feel pressured to provide it to them, aside from knowing that other merchants might and they might benefit from it, whereas you may not.

The new Google Shopping Experience Scorecard is one example of the many updates that are happening on the digital landscape. As a business owner, you need to stay on top of all these constant changes if you don’t want to fall behind. But let’s face it: It can be very tedious to try to keep up.

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