How to Maximise Internal Linking on Your Website

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One of the most important ways Google and other search engines analyse and rank websites is through links. Bots and crawlers follow links from external websites to your site, then track your internal links, measuring the “flow” of ranking signals as they pass and attributing them to your site in the process.

Link flow is known by many different names. Some people call it link juice and the others call it PageRank. Link flows, in the broadest terms, are a measure of how important your pages are in relation to other pages on the internet.

PageRank is calculated by taking into account two main factors. The first one is the types of sites linking to your web property and the second one is the look of your internal link structure.


Often, marketers put a lot of effort into gaining backlinks to improve their properties. Unfortunately, they often neglect to optimise internal links on their site. Internal linking structure is vital for getting the most out of all the sites linking to their pages.

Our webe experts have put together some tips to improve your site with internal linking.

Improve link flow distribution

To improve link low distribution, you need to move link flow from less important pages to the more important ones. The first thing to do is to start by removing extraneous links that don’t need to be there.

Extraneous links are frequently copied on numerous sites and promoted near the top of pages such as job vacancies, report downloads, or company mission statements. While these are important pieces of information on the site for visitors, they are unlikely to be the most SEO-friendly pages.

We recommend removing these links where possible, especially if they’re used frequently. Alternatively, add links to pages that are more search engine friendly.

Start adding links to the more important pages that you want to push up. By doing this across the pages of your site, you can increase internal link flow to the pages that you want to have it and reduce it to those that don’t need it since they aren’t important for search.

Decrease loss of link flow

It is important to optimise link flow but you also need to examine cases where rankings have been lost through links. This most commonly occurs when sites link to pages that are not search-friendly, such as old tag pages without traffic.

In many cases, linking to these less important pages is necessary for site operations so removing them is not always an option. We suggest compensating for the loss of PageRank from these links by connecting back from every internal page they link to.

It is important to consider how they use no-follow links in their site content as well. Though the impact of these attributes on overall ranking is debatable, we believe that using the nonfollow tag strategically might successfully prevent link flow loss.

Many people lose link flow to their social media accounts. They lose it to customer login and help sites, as well as partner sites. If you must have followed links that lead to external sites, consider downgrading them using lower point sizes, placing them lower on the page or adding other links to the page.

Remove all penalty factors

Penalty factors are actions taken by your pages that may cause them to appear to be spam pages.  Duplicate content is among the most common factors that may affect your page rank. It tells search engines that your site has poor content quality. Too many internal links to content that has potential penalty factors could harm your ranking.

Your pages should not share more than about half of the words apart from the header and footer. However, we see a lot of pages where one page shares 90% of its words with another page on the site.

You should also refrain from linking to too many “thin” pieces of content on their websites. These are pages with extremely low word counts that are intended to be informative but provide very little information.

In addition, when you’re sending out link flow to other sites, pay attention to how they’re positioned. It is becase too many unrequited, followed editorial links give the impression that you’re an advertorial site, even though you’re not.

While building a high-quality, relevant backlink profile is vital, optimising your internal linking structure and eliminating risk factors are also essential to reap the benefits of ranking signals.

How we can help

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