Insanely Delicious Turkish Street Food You Simply Have to Try

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From reviving Ottoman dishes to regional specialties, Turkish cuisine offers a wide range of flavours. And one of the much-loved food categories in Turkish cuisine is, of course, the delicious street food. While it may not be the healthiest of food, it sure is delicious (especially on one of those days when you need quick, inexpensive food).

Insanely Delicious Turkish Street Food You Simply Have to Try


This is the absolute breakfast staple in Turkey. Simit is a round pastry covered entirely in sesame seeds. It has become the quintessential, iconic Turkish street food. Ask for some olive paste and grab a glass of Turkish tea to make it complete.

Balık Ekmek

Another popular street food, this one is from Istanbul, especially in the Eminönü neighbourhood. Balık ekmek is a freshly grilled fish fillet packed in half a loaf of white bread with plenty of onions, tomatoes, salad and herbs.

Kağıt Helva

Kağıt helva is so iconic that almost every Turkish person has a childhood memory involving their mother buying them this snack on the street. This delicious treat features a thin papery wafer filled with a layer of condensed milk.

Islak Burger

Dubbed as an infamous late-night snack, the islak hamburger is a burger with lots of sauce steamed for hours. The name is literally translated as “moist hamburger”. It’s a delicious chewy treat that goes perfectly with ayran (yogurt drink).

Tavuk Pilav

Tavuk Pilav is one of the most comforting street foods. It’s simply butter rice with chickpeas topped with chicken breast. A lot of people also like to add ketchup to the mixture.


Often referred to by tourists as “Turkish pizza”, lahmacun is a very simple meal of thin dough topped with a minced meat-onion-red pepper mixture, slid in the oven for a few minutes and served piping hot. To fully enjoy this dish like a native, top it with a handful of parsley and a squirt of lemon juice, then roll it into a wrap and enjoy with a glass of cold ayran.


Not all börek was served at home or in bakeries. Particularly popular with plaza workers seeking an alternative to tost for breakfast in the morning, street börek usually comes with cheese between layers of dough. Unfortunately, most börek you’ll find on the street is rather bland in comparison to the homemade variety. But when you’re in a pinch, it definitely will do.


This one has triggered a bit of controversy out there as a street eat. Kokoreç is actually spiced and skewered sheep’s intestines, served in either half or quarter of a bread loaf with plenty of grease and salt to go with. Do you understand now why it’s everyone’s favourite post-drunk food? What sets most people off about this food is that, given the part of the animal used in the meat, it’s of utmost importance to clean it thoroughly.

Try some of these authentic Turkish street food! Head to Sahan Mezopotamian Street Food.

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