Menu Misery for GMB Restaurants & Singleplatform Feed – and How Top4 Can Help

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Once again, Google is forcing unverified and incorrect menu information from Singleplatform directly into restaurants on Google My Business.

There is a long history going back years with Singleplatform being used by Google My Business, originally added as a menu link, ordering and now injecting their Menu direct into a restaurants Menu Tab. In every complaint I have viewed, the Singleplatform listing for the restaurant is unverified.

Singleplatform on Google My Business - Top4 Marketing

Typically, a restaurant only realises that this menu has been injected into their business listing when a customer complains to them.

Google My Business Menu - Top4 Marketing

The problem with using unverified/scraped data from Singleplatform is that the restaurant does not know of its existence (until a complaint) and the menu items and prices are out of date and inaccurate.

Singleplatform Menu Prices - Top4 Marketing

What Should Restaurants Do Now

Unfortunately, you cannot delete the menu, because it’s a feed from Singleplatform and will re-appear. Hence, this is what you can do as the restaurant owner:

  1. Log into your GMB listing and add your menu to your listing – this will override the Singleplatform menu
  2. Contact Singleplatform and request removal of your restaurant from their site



I highly recommend that you contact Singleplatform and request removal of your restaurant from their site. Do not ask to update or claim, for which they will charge you $109 Per Month (I kid you not) for the privilege of correcting your stolen content.

To locate your listing on Singleplatform listing you can Google a few variations:

  • singleplatform + restaurant name
  • singleplatform + restaurant name + location
  • + restaurant name
  • + restaurant name + location

After you have the URL for the listing on their site, go directly to their customer support form:

Request immediate removal of your restaurant.


How Top4 can help restaurants

At Top4 Marketing, we realise how important local marketing has become for many businesses, especially local restaurants, even more so post-Covid19. With few to no visitors, local restaurants will have to rely on takeaways, home delivery, and online ordering.

That’s all the more reason why the information about the restaurant – especially the menu, pricing and contact information – has to be updated constantly.

Using our unique location-based marketing platform Top4, restaurant owners can manage their business profile with ease and ensure that the information is always up-to-date for potential customers who came across them. Here’s how Top4 helps restaurants to rank their business higher on Google and give them more business:


1. Keep the basic information up-to-date

For starters, here are some of the basic information that you need to provide and make sure is always updated:

  • Your business’s category (example: “restaurant: pizza delivery”).
  • Your address.
  • Your contact information, including phone numbers, email address, and website URL.
  • Your business hours.

Restaurants - Golden Crust Pizza - Top4 Marketing

Your restaurant’s search ranking on Google depends on the accuracy of the information you put in there. While you can always go back and edit them later on, it’s best to have accurate information out there from the very beginning.


2. Add your menu (with the correct pricing!)

Top4 doesn’t just pull out random information online, which may cost you your business; on our platform, you can freely add and manage your menu — and ensure that the pricing is always correct and updated. Moreover, we never charge you extra to correct that information, just in case they happen to be wrong.

Restaurants - Fortune Well Chinese Restaurant - Top4 Marketing

3. Add attractive content to tempt potential customers

Now that you’ve ensured that your Top4 business profile has the correct information, menu and pricing. you can add quite a bit of content that will tempt new customers to try your food.

Restaurants - The Yarra Indian Restaurant - Top4 Marketing

Here are some of the things you can add to make it more attractive:

  • Beautiful pictures of your restaurant and menu items on your Galleries.
  • Videos that show how friendly and professional your staff members are.
  • A profile photo that makes your restaurant look irresistible (such as the front of your restaurant or the most popular item on your menu).
  • Engaging posts and press releases about your menu items or events that you’re organizing at your restaurant.

Spend most of your time posting visual content like photos and videos. More than 80% of online communication relies on visual elements. Photos and videos also communicate a lot of information quickly, which matters in a world where people are surrounded by constant distractions and whose attention span has dropped tremendously.

Would you rather read a description of a burger or see a picture of the dish, instead? More importantly, which option would make your mouth water?

Other than that, your Top4 business profile also displays ratings and reviews for your restaurant, which will further convince new customers to pay you a visit!

Restaurants - Sahan Mezopotamian - Top4 Marketing


4. Add promotions to further pique their interests

You’ve had the correct information displayed in your Top4 business profile, added your menu and pricing, as well as adding interesting content. Now, just to give your potential customers that one last push, why don’t you add in some promotions for them? For example, give them discounts for certain menu items:

Restaurants - Golden Crust Pizza Promotions - Top4 Marketing

If you need help with managing your restaurant’s business profile on Top4, contact our Web Xperts now!


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