The Benefits of Being on Top4 for Your Digital Marketing

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In today’s world, the internet contributes to technological advancements and a variety of print options, where people are beginning to find different services based on their needs.

While several service-based businesses have thrived for years on word-of-mouth and referrals, they are now realizing that these initiatives are insufficient to keep profits growing. As a result, they are shifting to alternative local marketing efforts that target people looking for resources in the industry, one of which is location-based marketing. And they enjoy the advantages of doing so!.

One of the most significant advantages of online marketing is its low cost. Digital marketing allows you to save money while also generating more leads.

google analytic to monitor your business increase

Small-to-medium-sized businesses find it difficult to compete with larger corporations using traditional marketing methods. Large corporations have the resources to invest in TV commercials, radio spots, and other forms of advertising. This makes it difficult for small businesses to compete with larger corporations.

Digital marketing, on the other hand, equalizes the playing field for all businesses. It is a low-cost way to market your company to potential customers. Many digital marketing and advertising methods are low-cost.

What Exactly Does Location-Based Digital Marketing Imply?

According to a recent survey, 88% of Australian organizations have allowed or required workers to work from home. This means that your traditional marketing strategies may not be reaching the target audience you hoped for. As a result, having an online presence is essential if you want people to know that you are surviving the storm and entering the modern world. Local Digital services will assist your company in planning your local digital campaigns to ensure that your business is up and running in the online world while reaching the right people.

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Essentially, location-based digital marketing employs promotional online campaigns within a specific geographic area surrounding the local business. While larger businesses and corporations can benefit from location-based digital marketing, small service-based businesses can also benefit from this strategy. Corporations will benefit from the specific benefits of interacting with the people around them in this manner.

Time is the most significant cost of digital marketing. It can take time to put strategies in place and see results from those strategies. The end result, on the other hand, is well worth your time investment.

local digital marketing done for you

Top4 is An All-in-One Marketing Platform That Drives Leads and Exposure

Top4 is a digital marketing agency with a focus on building strong brands that generate lasting revenue and customer loyalty with more than 20 years of experience and our Unique Location-Based Marketing Platform.

Your website and social media alongside reviews and Google marketing. It’s a lot, but we’re the team that does it all, so you can focus on your business. Our Unique #1 Location-Based Top4 Marketing Platform integrates and works hand-in-hand with Google, Google Maps, and Social Media Platforms to improve and strengthen your business’ online.

Top4 - Everything integrated in one technology

Our Digital Marketing Agency Services Across All Industries Include Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)Google MarketingWebsite Design and Corporate Web Development,
local location-based marketing using our own Google Marketing Platform.

We manage your entire digital marketing and social media presence, with a focus on localizing content, managing online reviews, and reputation management, as well as for multi-location businesses and franchises. Whether you have one or 100 locations, we can manage them all for you with our platform.

We can help to start with your website right through to getting and keeping customers. List your website, create your own digital store to sell goods and services, and share posts on social media. Promote your website or brand to a whole new market local or Australia wide. Upgrade anytime if you wish to add keywords, extra postcodes and customer reviews. Managing a website is already a full-time job, but advertising your website online doesn’t have to be. The Top4 Marketing Platform is designed to make advertising your business and website a breeze.

With Your Top4 Optimised Profile…

Our team in Top4 can help your customers who are looking for the product or services you provide to find your business with a search optimised profile. By joining Top4, you can increase revenue and maximise profits by generating more leads and prospects through online search which is better value than some other forms of advertising.

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Boost Your Website Traffic

With your own dedicated advert on Top4, present your business in a trusted context and allow potential clients to find you more easily. Include links to your website, social media profiles, opening hours, service areas, keywords, galleries, posts, badges, accreditation logos, additional services areas-suburbs and contact information so the world can connect with your brand across all channels.

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Get You Local Customers

At Top4, we also support local restaurants, cafes and others.

If you manage a restaurant or own a cafe, make sure you are in the #1 Google marketing platform with over 120,000 local businesses on Top4 to get more business.

support your local restaurant

Menu and our Promotion module are examples of exclusive and premium features available only to restaurants. Restaurant owners can showcase their menu on their Top4 advertisement using our Menu feature. This exclusive feature for restaurants gives local customers access to what the restaurant is selling – and even allows them to order directly from the Top4 advertisement.

Yarra Indian Restaurant's business profile on top4

Sea lounge's business profile on Top4

Additionally, our Promotion module is especially beneficial for restaurants – because they can add their latest promotions and deals to attract more customers.

Top4 - Promotions features

What exactly are you waiting for? If you own a business, add it to Top4 right away!. If you use Top4, you are assisting local restaurants, cafes, and RSL clubs to thrive. Top4 can help you find your favourite local restaurants, cafes, and clubs.

Take advantage of your dedicated presence on Top4. The most trusted source of all recommended businesses in Australia, and showcase your business in a trusted context.


To find out how we can help you with your Website + Marketing, using our unique location marketing platform called Top4, get in touch today at

The All in One Platform for Your Local Marketing Needs

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List your business, create your own digital store to sell goods and services, and share posts on social media. Promote your business on Google instantly! Should you need help with local digital marketing then view our new Google Marketing Platform and services Top4 Marketing

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Our Digital Marketing Agency Services Across All Industries Include Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Google Marketing, Website Design, Corporate Web Development,  and local location-based marketing using our own Google Marketing Platform!

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